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Logistics Costs (also known as Insurance Costs[1]) were a special cost in PvE first added in February 25, 2016 as a way to balance out the rewards of PvE relative to the PvP game mode.[2][3][4] For PvE missions on Medium or higher difficulty, players were charged a fee in Credits Credits to compensate for the fact they did not pay repair and ammunition costs like PvP. Costs for Medium are lower than the costs for Hard, and the amount scaled with tier. Logistics costs were capped based on players' earnings for the match. This means the logistics costs would not normally cause gross earning to below 0 Credits, but it was still possible to lose Credits as a result of using and replenishing consumables or penalty from causing friendly fire damage. There were no logistics costs for easy difficulty.

Logistics costs were later removed for Hardcore (formerly Hard) difficulty in 2019.[5][6]

Logistics Cost Table[ | ]

Tier Difficulty
Medium Hard
1 N/A N/A
2 N/A N/A
3 Credits 4,000 N/A
4 Credits 6,000 N/A
5 Credits 9,000 Credits 12,000
6 Credits 12,000 Credits 21,000
7 Credits 15,000 Credits 28,000
8 Credits 18,000 Credits 36,000
9 Credits 20,000 Credits 42,000
10 Credits 23,000 Credits 52,000