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Labyrinth is a War Game mode mission in Armored Warfare. It has been removed from the game after a scheduled maintenance on February 9, 2022.

Briefing[ | ]

  • You have limited time to capture the points.
  • A successful capture extends the time limit and reveals all enemies for 2 seconds.
  • The Red Team deals higher damage; the Green Team has better armor.

Primary Objectives[ | ]

Capture the Points[ | ]

The goal is to capture fourteen control points before the time runs out. Mission timer starts off at 5 minutes, and there is a 40 seconds extension for every control point captured.

The first control point always appears at E4. The remaining control points will appear one at a time at A4, A6, A8, B0, C2, D0, D7, D9, F9, G1, G7, I6, and J8 in random order every 45 seconds.

Strategy[ | ]

The enemies are split into two types: Armored Fighting Vehicles in red skins and Main Battle Tanks in green skins.

Contrary to what the mission briefing suggests, the red AFVs' ammunition have very high penetration, whereas the green MBTs have very high pools of health points. The former's offensive capability largely nullifies player vehicles' armor, therefore MBTs are generally not favored in this mission. Fast moving, high burst damage or high sustained damage vehicles with good vision range and camouflage tend to fare better.

If the enemies spot a player vehicle, then most, if not all, enemy vehicles will converge on the last known position. While this may seem dangerous, it is possible to exploit the bots' behavior by luring them to a desired area in order to make way to a control point.

Rewards[ | ]

Labyrinthhas a x3.3 Experience Experience multiplier and base x15 Credits Credits multiplier for completing the mission.


  1. Time limit is extended by 40 seconds for every control point captured