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Kwon Han is a progression commander in Armored Warfare. He can be unlocked as the K2 Panther's upgrade screen.

Kwon has access to Fixed Position skills that boost the chance of dealing maximum damage with his vehicle's ammunition up to a maximum rate of 35%. On the other hand, his Potshot skills can further increase the dispersion of maximum and minimum damage values up to a maximum value of ±35%, meaning a shell that has a base damage of 500 with ±10% dispersion by default can deal as much as 725 damage or as little as 275 damage instead of just between 550 and 450 damage. In short, Kwon can be configured for a maximum chance of 35% to deal maximum damage, or increasing maximum and minimum damage dispersion by 35%, or somewhere in between with both skills for a more balanced build.

In addition to his probability-dependent skills, Kwon's basic skill increases his vehicle's acceleration for the first 120 seconds of battle, which is mainly relevant in PVP mode's Random Battles due to their short duration. His other supporting skills help further increase mobility and module durability.


Starting Skill[]

Skill Name Description Quantity
Revitalization IV Mobility penalty caused off-road surfaces is reduced by 7.19%...% and the acceleration rate is improved by 7.19%...11.50% for the first 120s of battle 1

Other skills[]

Skill Name Description Quantity
Acceleration II Acceleration is increased by 2.45% 3
Fixed Position I Chance of dealing max damage increased by 5% 7
Mobility II Increases hull traverse speed by 3.5% 3
Offroader II Acceleration in offroad environments is improved by 4.4% 3
Perception II Turret traverse speed increased by 3.5% 3
Potshot I Maximum damage a shell deals is increased and minimum damage decreased by 5% 7
Smooth Drive II Tread and wheel hit points increased by 21.9% 3
Timely Cleanse II Cannon hit points increased by 21.9% 3
Tough Turret II Turret ring hit points are increased by 21.9% 2

Personnel File[]

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  • Kwon's Fixed Position skills share the same English name as Andrey Zaytsev's basic skill, but they have very different functionality. In Russian the skill is called "Мясорубка", which means "Meat Grinder".