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KTO Rosomak M1M
KTO Rosomak M1M
Tier / Class:
Zhang Feng
Stats - Stock (Renowned)
Max Damage:
135 (160) mm
Hit Points:
Hull F/S/R:
85 / 70 / 35
Turret F/S/R:
85 / 70 / 70
Max Speed:
102.60 (105.84) km/h
Acceleration 0-32kph:
2.80 (2.16) s
Hull Traverse:
36.10 (41.60) deg/s
410 m
Accuracy (Spread):
Max Cannon Depression:
-8.0 / -6.0°
Turret Traverse Speed:
51.10 deg/s

The KTO Rosomak M1M is a tier 8 Armored Fighting Vehicle originating from Poland, and is sold by Zhang Feng. It can be unlocked from the KTO Rosomak and unlocks a tier 9 Unlock Token, which can be used on the Panzerhaubitze 2000 or WPB Anders.


  • Subtle movement: moving on a low speed doesn't reduce your camouflage factor.
  • Designated target: vehicle has the ability to designate targets that are within line of sight and vision range. Designated targets are called out and takes increased damage.
  • PELE: good penetration potential and can deal major damage to crew and internal modules.
  • Self homing missiles: track and follow targets.
  • Recon package: this vehicle's recon package provides an improved vision range when stationary.
  • Waterproof: this vehicle can remain longer under water.

Player Recommendations[]

Pros and Cons[]


  • Excellent camouflage rating
  • High top speed
  • Decent armor for an AFV
  • Excellent protection against HEAT
  • High damage output from PELE


  • Somewhat long reload on ATGMs
  • Bad acceleration
  • Penetration could be insufficient against harder targets
  • Huge silhouette making it an easy target once spotted
  • Lacks APS or reliable armor against autocannons

Upgrade Suggestions[]

As a light vehicle dedicated to firepower and mobility, upgrades should be taken to improve the survivability in either being able to deflect attacks (Heavy Armor Upgrade and Q-NET Slat Armor) or quickly retreat to another position (Scania DI13 Diesel Engine). Firepower upgrades to the already impressive suite of weaponry will increase damage output, but should be researched after survivability upgrades.

Retrofit Suggestions[]

  • Advanced Muzzle Reference System
  • Augmented Optics
  • Improved Gun Breech
  • Improved Pioneer Tool Kit

Commander and Crew Skill Suggestions[]

  • Commander: Rashid Al-Atassi, to help with ATGM reload, camo, and vision range
  • Driver: Spin to Win, Off-Road Driving
  • Gunner: Sharpshooter, Do the Twist


KTO Rosomak M1 Stock Armor
Reputation Cost Credits Hull Armor (F/S/R) Hull Composition Turret Armor (F/S/R) Turret Composition ERA Type ERA Modifiers
Stock Stock 85/70/35 Composite 85/70/70 Hybrid Composite None
Equipped with a high hardness spaced steel hull, the KTO Rosomak M1 includes appliqué panels on the upper glacis and sides, bringing the vehicle to an overall STANAG 4 defensive level along the main body. The steel and aluminum unmanned turret is similarly defended against smaller autocannons.

Heavy Armor Upgrade
Reputation Cost Credits Hull Armor (F/S/R) Hull Composition Turret Armor (F/S/R) Turret Composition ERA Type ERA Modifiers
27,500 340,199 100/85/35 Composite 85/70/70 Hybrid Composite None
These and similar modules were produced in the field and designed as an additional protection against vulnerabilities.

Q-NET Slat Armor
Reputation Cost Credits Hull Armor (F/S/R) Hull Composition Turret Armor (F/S/R) Turret Composition ERA Type ERA Modifiers
41,250 680,399 115/100/35 Caged 85/70/70 Hybrid Composite None
These rigid grids are installed on the sides and in the rear of the vehicle. Their main objective is to reduce the damage from HEAT-type warheads.


30mm ATK Mk.44
Shell name Type Reputation Damage Area of effect Penetration Velocity Accuracy (Fully Aimed) Reload Time Shells in Magazine Reload within Magazine Burst Fire Rate
30mm PMC287 APFSDS AP Stock 45 0m 135mm 1,345m/s 0.09° 0.10s 90 {{{reloadm}}}s 200.00rd/min
30mm PMC381 PELE AP Stock 60 0m 95mm 1,340m/s 0.09° 0.10s 90 {{{reloadm}}}s 200.00rd/min
30mm PMC384 PELE AP 82,450 60 0m 120mm 1,380m/s 0.09° 0.10s 90 {{{reloadm}}}s 200.00rd/min
30mm PMC359 APDS AP 96,200 45 0m 160mm 1,385m/s 0.09° 0.10s 90 {{{reloadm}}}s 200.00rd/min

Missile Name Type Reputation Damage Penetration Velocity Reload Time Missiles in Launcher Reload within Launcher Burst Fire Rate Splash Radius Flight Agility Self-Guided
Spike-ER ATGM HEAT Stock 700 1,000mm 200m/s 25.00s 2 {{{reloadm}}}s 20.00rd/min 0m {{{agility}}}deg/s Yes


Name Reputation Cost Credits Max Speed Reverse Speed 0 to 32km/h 0 to Max Speed Hull Traverse Fire Chance
Scania DI12 Diesel Engine Stock Stock 102.60km/h {{{reverse}}} 2.80s {{{0-max}}} 36.10deg/s {{{firechance}}}

Scania DI13 Diesel Engine 20,600 340,199 105.84km/h {{{reverse}}} 2.16s {{{0-max}}} 41.60deg/s {{{firechance}}}


Rosomak Technology
Name Reputation Cost Credits Description
GALIX 17 Smoke Grenades 27,500 340,199 Provides a total of eight smoke deployments with a two-round magazine. Individual charges are on a six second cooldown, with an eighty second cooldown for the magazine.

Advanced Fire Control 55,000 850,498 Reduces aim time by 20%.

Improved Gun Stabilizer 75,600 1,020,598 Enhances accuracy while on the move by 20%.

Improved Ready Racks 82,450 1,105,648 Increases reload speed by 10%.

Improved Suspension 31,600 442,259 Improves handling on rough terrain by 10%.

Special Abilities[]

Name Activation Time Duration Reload Time Ability Changes
Designate Target
Ability Designate.png
2 s 20 s 50 s The designated target remains visible and receives full damage. Component saving -10%
Crew saves -10%
Camouflage factor -100%

Deploy AT Squad
Ability AT squad.png
1 s N/A s N/A s Anti-Tank troops set ambushes that are highly effective against lightly armored vehicles. Deploy 4 Anti-tank troops

Sniper drop
Ability Sniper.png
1 s N/A s N/A s The sharpshooter is also a great scout, very effective against enemy infantry and capable of destroying vehicle optics. Deploy 1 Sniper

Mortar squad drop
Ability Mortar.png
1 s N/A s N/A s Mortar squad delivers stand-off indirect plunging fire. Deploy 1 Mortar squad


Class: Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Developed: 2005-2010
Service: 2010+
Vehicles Built: 51
Operators: Poland

The KTO Rosomak M1M is a variant on the original KTO Rosomak, modified specifically for war in Afghanistan. It is equipped with additional steel-composite armor, upgraded communications systems, wire cutters, and video cameras that show the back and sides of the vehicle on LCD screens in the troop compartment. Other noteworthy changes present on the M1M include an anti-RPG net and visually distinctive sand color paint.

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