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Juan Carlos Miramón

Juan Carlos Miramón is an progression commander available in Armored Warfare. He can be unlocked via the T-72A's upgrade screen for Experience 12,150.

Juan's skills have three areas of expertise: spotting, close range combat agility, and high speed combat. Overall, he is intended for front line combat or flanking with improved scouting capabilities.

Skills[ | ]

Starting Skill[ | ]

Skill Name Description Quantity
Instigator IV Vision range increased by 20.80...32.00 meters, if no friendly vehicles are within 25 meters. 1

Other skills[ | ]

Skill Name Description Quantity
Anti-Material Explosives II Module damage improved by 10.9% 1
Eagle Eye II Ability to spot targets behind foliage improved by 6.6% 1
Fighting Spirit I Crew stats improved by 5% with use of consumable. Duration: 10 s. Can be activated once every 30 s 3
Foot Down I Vehicle maximum speed increased by 1.3% 1
Foot Down II Vehicle maximum speed increased by 2.2% 1
Foot Down III Vehicle maximum speed increased by 3.8% 1
Full Contact III Reload speed increased by 2.66%, if an enemy vehicle is present within 50 meters 2
In Your Face II Hull traverse speed increased by 4.9%, if enemy is within 50 meters 2
No Deaths II Crew resilience improved by 10.9% 2
Perception I Turret traverse speed increased by 2% 3
Perception II Turret traverse speed increased by 3.5% 1
Motivation II Crew and Mechanized Infantry stats improved by 0.9% 2
Smoke Without Fire I Smoke screen Reload speed increased by 3.8% 2
Smooth Drive I Tread and wheel hit points increased by 12.5% 2
Special Agent III Camo factor increased by 5%, if no friendly vehicles are within 25 meters 1
Stabilization I Overall accuracy when moving and firing is improved by 1.77% 4
Stabilization II Overall accuracy when moving and firing is improved by 3.01% 2
Vehicle Armor I Damage caused by ramming reduced by 12.28% 2
Vigilance I Spotting range increased by 5 meters 3

Personnel File[ | ]

Place of Birth: Morelia, Mexico

As a teen and against his will, Juan served the Mexican Drug Cartels. He had and aptitude with machines, improvising armored vehicles and weaponry. Juan escaped to the US and was quickly employed by a PMC, soon discovering his talent for command. With his intimate knowledge of his vehicles, he is rarely stranded in battle.

Legacy Skills[ | ]

The following skills are from before 0.22 that no longer apply to the current commander progression system.

  • Tier 1 - Quick Swap: Ammo swap speed increased by 20%.
  • Tier 2 - Take Aim: Aim speed improved by 10%
  • Tier 2 - Bullseye: Accuracy improved by 10% when the circle is the largest
  • Tier 3 - Quick Relocation: Increases acceleration in off-road environments by 15% for 15 seconds after firing.
  • Tier 4 - Anti-Material Explosives: Module damage caused to enemies increased by 20%.
  • Tier 4 - Anti-Personnel Explosives: Crew damage caused to enemies increased by 20%.
  • Tier 5 - Fire When Ready: Reload time improved by 6%.

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