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Joshua Seagrove

Joshua Seagrove is a premium commander in Armored Warfare. He was first available as a reward in the first Storyline Campaign in 2017[1]. He returns as a purchasable commander on MY.GAMES Market periodically.

Many of Joshua's favor sniping tactics, especially for Tank Destroyers; his basic skill boosts accuracy after successfully dealing damage from a long distance, and he has skills that boost camouflage factor while remaining stationary, as well as reducing camouflage loss after firing. On the other hand, he can also be configured to boost his vehicle's performance after destroying an enemy's module.

Skills[ | ]

Skill Field[ | ]

Starting Skill[ | ]

Skill Name Description Quantity
Practice Run IV Min spread is improved by 15.60%...24.00% after dealing damage from at least 300m. Duration: 10s. Can be activated once every 30s 1

Other skills[ | ]

Skill Name Description Quantity
Anti-Material Explosives I Module damage improved by 6.3% 4
Anti-Material Explosives II Module damage improved by 10.9% 1
Dead Eye III TD crew stats improved by 1.5% 2
Deadly Explosives III Reload speed is increased by 3.33% after destroying an enemy module. Duration: 10 s. Can be activated once every 30 s 2
Fixed Position II Camo factor increased by 3%, if vehicle doesn't move for over 5s 2
Giant Killer I Crew damage caused to enemies increased by 6.3% 2
Initiative II Increases hull traverse speed by 6.13% after destruction of an enemy module. Duration: 10 s. Can be activated once every 30 s 2
Marksman I Min spread is improved by 1.77% 2
No Deaths I Crew resilience improved by 6.3% 4
Silencer III Camo penalty when firing reduced by 6.89% 2
Striker II TD aim speed improved by 4.40% 3
Swap I Ammo swap speed improved by 12% 2
Thrill II Acceleration in offroad environments improved by 7.70% after destroying enemy module. Duration: 10 s. Can be activated once every 30 s 2

Personnel File[ | ]

Place of Birth: London, United Kingdom

A child of a former British military officer, Joshua Seagrove lived his entire life in the corporate world of Clayburn Industries in England, entering the private the private Clayburn military branch and earning the rank of Major for his performance in several small-scale conflicts. He is highly intelligent, optimistic, and caring, but also somewhat naive in his beliefs. In 2039, after receiving orders to kill civilians, he joined the Seahawk rebellion.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Joshua Seagrove was one of the protagonists in the 2017 Storyline Campaign, a story which depicted his task force's defection and subsequent rebellion against Clayburn Industries.[2]



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