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Operation: Hydra is a PvE mission in Armored Warfare.

Briefing[ | ]

"September 15, 2034. The Cartel is sitting on a warehouse full of chemical warheads. Who knows where those things will show up if we don't take them away, quick. Take control of the warehouse and destroy enemy missiles."

Primary Objective[ | ]

Take control of the Warehouse[ | ]

Players need to capture the control point located between H5 and H6, or destroy all enemy vehicles within 11 minutes.

Secondary Objective[ | ]

Destroy Missile Launchers[ | ]

Players have 9 minutes to destroy five missile launchers, which are always located at C4, D5, F7, J4, and J6 on the map.

Strategy[ | ]

Players should take position immediately against the first wave of enemies at the start of the mission, and slowly push southwards towards the main objective. A second group of enemies appear around the bridge at E4.

Additional enemies spawn along the main road when at least one player vehicle crosses the river. The area between the river and main road has relatively little cover, so it is important not to overextend. The final group of enemies spawns around the control point, which also include one lieutenant vehicle. Players can consider taking the west flank and attack the enemies from I3 in a hull-down position.

Rewards[ | ]

Hydra has a x3.3 Experience Experience multiplier and base x10 Credits Credits multiplier for completing the mission. The latter can be boosted to x15 if secondary objective is complete.

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Hydra debuted in September 2015,[1] and was overhauled in November 2017.[2]