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Holiday Mode is a time-limited capture the flag style PvP mode in Armored Warfare. It first debuted in December, 2017,[1] and returned annually between late December and early January in multiple occasions.[2][3][4][5][6]

Lore[ | ]

A squad of snowmen took a magical sleigh and is dropping tree decorations over the village! Help Grandfather Frost gather the decorations and put them on the tree!

Tree decorations will spawn across the map and it’s your and your team’s duty to pick each one up and bring it back to your base. But beware – evil grinch-driven armored vehicles will stop at nothing to steal them from you, ruining your holidays!

Gameplay[ | ]

When Holiday Mode becomes available, players can enter matchmaking queue by selecting a vehicle that they own or an active rental vehicle then click on the said mode button on top of the garage screen.

Battles in Holiday Mode take place in a modified River Point map with snowy environment. The goal is to capture five decorations that drop from the sky and bring them back to the player team's Christmas tree before the opposing team does the same for their own tree.

The first decoration always drops in the center of the map at the start of the match. Subsequent decorations spawn in random locations every 90 seconds. Players who capture a decoration will become spotted and visible to all players in the opposing team until they either successfully bring the decoration to their team's Christmas tree, or have their vehicles destroyed before doing so. Destroying a vehicle carrying the decoration will cause the decoration to drop to the ground and become available for capture by someone else.

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