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This page contains a list of terms used in Armored Warfare.

A[ | ]


A statistical award to a player who deals the most damage to an enemy vehicle but not dealing the finishing blow to it.

Assist Damage

Damage done to enemy vehicles by team members as a result of a player's indirect contribution (in decreasing priority):
  • Targets marked by player with Designate ability
  • Targets immobilized by player (by destroying tracks)
  • Targets spotted by player
Total assist damage is only displayed on the Teams and Details tabs of the debriefing screen at the end of a match.

B[ | ]


Main article: Battalion
In-game clans created by players for organized gameplay. Some features and game modes are limited to battalions only.

Battle Hardened

An unlockable vehicle status for all progression vehicles that allows a player to earn 50% more Credits Credits, 20% more Experience Experience, as well as 25% more Commander XP and Crew XP. Battle Hardened vehicles have preferential matchmaking.


Progression enhancers that can be activated to boost rewards in battles for a limited time. Two booster slots are available - a Global Slot that can be used freely, and an additional Premium Slot that requires Golds Gold to activate (with the exception of Battle Coin Boost, which is also free to activate on Premium Slot). A third slot may also be activated by the game if event-related bonuses are available.

C[ | ]


A cosmetic pattern that changes the appearance of a vehicle. Camouflage cannot be applied on vehicles that already come with a skin as default appearance. Provides 5% bonus Camouflage Factor. Also known as Camo.

Camouflage Factor

A value in percentage showing a vehicle's effectiveness in reducing enemy vehicles' view range to spot it. Also known as Camo Factor, Camouflage, or simply Camo.


Main article: Consumable
Items that can provide bonus or be used for restorative functions in a battle.

E[ | ]


A statistical award to a player who deals destroys an enemy vehicle as well as dealing the most damage to it. Some Battle Path missions require players to eliminate certain number of vehicles, which differ from merely destroying them.

I[ | ]


Special items that can be equipped to a vehicle to help earn better rewards for a battle. All equipped insignias are consumed after each battle.

M[ | ]


Main article: Module
Components on or within a vehicle that can be damaged or destroyed in battle. Damaged and destroyed modules may hamper a vehicle's performance.
On the official website, modules may also refer to upgradeable parts on a vehicle's upgrade screen.

O[ | ]


If an AP ammunition's penetration value is at least ten times that of a sloped armor's normal thickness upon impact, penetration can occur even if the angle of impact exceeds the ammunition's ricochet angle. However, a sloped armor can still block an incoming shell if the sloped armor's effective thickness is great enough at extreme angles.

P[ | ]

Partial Reload

The ability to reload with reduced time based on how much ammunition is spent within a clip relative to a full reload time.

Potential Damage

Damage that can be caused to a vehicle, whether it is mitigated or actually incurred.

Premium Account

A progression enhancer that allows a player to earns 100% more Credits Credits and 50% more Experience Experience in battles, as well as speeding up completion of dealer prerequisites by 50%. Also known as Premium Time.

Preferential Matchmaking

A feature for Battle Hardened and Premium vehicles that allows them not to encounter vehicles two Tiers higher when queuing for PvP or Global Operations battles.

Premium Vehicle

Vehicles that provide 100% more Credits Credits and 20% more Experience Experience. Premium vehicles have preferential matchmaking.

Progression Vehicle

Vehicles that can be purchased from dealers with Credits Credits.

R[ | ]

Ready Rack

A magazine type that allows a vehicle to fire several rounds in rapid succession. A ready rack reloads the magazine automatically when not firing the associated weapon, and unlike a clip, it is possible to fire the weapon even when reloading, but the reloading process will be reset when doing so. As of February 2023, the exceptions to this rule are CATTB and T-90A Burlak, which do not reset the second shell's loading process after firing.


Vehicle status that indicates reaching 100% progress in Experience Experience. All premium vehicles are renowned by default.


Main article: Retrofit
Universal upgrades that offer additional performance bonuses for a vehicle.


Shell impact from AP ammunition that does not deal damage if the angle of impact against a target armor's surface exceeds the ammunition's ricochet angle value. This mechanism is bypassed if the ammunition's penetration value is ten times or greater than the armor's normal thickness at right-angle upon impact, which can result in an Overmatch.

S[ | ]


Premade pattern or model that changes the visual appearance of a vehicle. Provides 5% bonus Camouflage Factor.

Special Vehicle

Vehicles that are not obtainable directly from dealers, but are assigned to them for Battle Path and Raid missions with dealer requirements.

T[ | ]

Temporary Vehicle

Vehicles that are granted to players for a limited period of time. Also referred to as rental or rented vehicle.