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Global Operations (also known as GLOPS) is one of the main game modes in Armored Warfare. It is related to PvP, where both modes feature battles between two teams up to fifteen players each, but with multiple objectives and respawn available.

Entering a battle[ | ]

Players can enter a GLOPS matchmaking queue by selecting a vehicle that they own or an active rental vehicle then select Global Operations under the Player vs Player tab on the HQ screen. Alternatively, clicking the "Action!" button on top of any screens will have the same effect if Global Operations was the last game mode played.

Up to three players can join a PvP matchmaking queue in a platoon. When entering a queue with a platoon. The Tier difference across all players' vehicles must not exceed 1. For example, it is permissible to have Tiers 7 and 8 in platoon, but Tiers 6 or 9 in addition to Tiers 7 and 8 are not allowed. Furthermore, Global Operations is only available to Tiers 5 and above.

Gameplay[ | ]

When the matchmaking system successfully finds enough players for a game, the map begins to load while a loading screen displays the composition of each team for the upcoming battle. A 30-second countdown will start when eighty percent of all players have successfully loaded the map. When all players are present while the countdown is still active, the timer will switch to 3 seconds before starting the battle.[1]

Objective[ | ]

Tickets at the start

Reduce the enemy's tickets to zero to win. On Roughneck map, teams start with 2800 Tickets

Both teams start off with equal amount of points. The goal is to reduce the opposing team's pool of points within the time limit, which can be done by destroying enemy vehicles and, more importantly, by capturing and holding control zones. Whichever team has more points left by the end of the match wins. Alternatively, a match can also be won by reducing the opposing team's points down to zero.

Mechanics[ | ]


Blue team have captured Zone 1, Red team are presently capping Zone 2, Zone 3 is still uncaptured

Control zones are marked on the field and on the minimap in diamond shapes with numbers. All control zones first appear as neutral and can be captured by players from either team, and once captured they can be recaptured by players from the other team, therefore it is important for the team that holds the capture zones to defend them.

In Global Operations, objectives change at set intervals over the course of a battle: existing control points are removed from play and new ones are added for both sides to capture. Objective locations are always the same for each phase and do not randomise, therefore it is advisable to get into positions early for upcoming objectives just before a new phase enters.


Respawn interface

Unlike standard PvP mode, player vehicles that get destroyed in match automatically respawn fully repaired and resupplied after a short delay. While waiting to respawn, players can open a respawn interface to change spawn location (default key "CTRL"). Player vehicles that respawn start off fifteen seconds of invulnerability, but this can end prematurely if they fire a weapon during that time.

Neutral AI-controlled faction[ | ]

Some maps feature neutral AI-controlled enemies that act as obstacles for both teams. These AI-controlled enemies can come in the form of playable vehicles (in Desert Crossing, Barren Divide, and Waterway) or pillboxes (in Waterway) and will attack player vehicles from either teams on sight. Destroying neutral AI-controlled vehicles decreases the opposing team's points by 10, whereas pillboxes do not do not decrease team points upon destruction. New waves of neutral AI-controlled vehicles spawn whenever a battle enters a new phase. Neutral AI-controlled pillboxes cannot be permanently destroyed, but depleting their hit points will temporarily disable them, and a timer will appear above them showing the remaining time until reactivation.

Supply zone[ | ]


Blue team's supply zones

Supply zones can repair and resupply player vehicles that come within the vicinity. They restore a portion of a vehicle's total hit points, repair all damaged modules, replenish ammunition, and resupply any consumables that have been used in battle. Supply zones, however, do not replenish smokescreen or APS charges.

Supply zones are team exclusive; player vehicles from one team cannot use supply zones that belong to the opposing team.

Wildcards[ | ]

Wildcards are secondary objectives that can be captured in order to call in friendly AI-controlled military assets on the battlefield. Wildcards must be activated manually after acquisition by opening an interface (default key "Q") and selecting a point for deployment. If a player obtains a wildcard but their vehicle is destroyed before activation, the wildcard is lost and cannot no longer be used.

  • Pillbox - Deploys stationary pillboxes that fire unguided missiles from a selection of predefined locations
  • Surveillance drones - Deploys an unmanned aerial vehicle from a selection of predefined locations to spot enemies in its vicinity
  • Bomber - Directs a bomber to carpet bomb a location designated by user
  • Gunship - Deploys an AC-130 gunship that circles around the map and attacks enemies within its range
  • Helicopters - Deploys helicopters that can spot and attack enemies in their vicinity
  • Artillery - Capture ammunition then bring it back to home base in order to deploy friendly AI-controlled SPGs

Rewards[ | ]

When a mission ends, players are presented with a debriefing screen with the battle result. Experience Experience and Credits Credits are rewarded based on the players' individual performance. The winning team receives higher rewards than the losing team, but players on the losing team who have performed well can also gain substantial rewards.

Maps[ | ]

There are 7 maps available for Global Operations as of July, 2021.

Tiers between 5 and 7 fight are limited to Narrows, Roughneck, or Ghost Fields on 10-vs-10 match-ups.

Tiers between 8 and 10 have access to all maps, and may fight on 10-vs-10 or 15-vs-15 match-ups depending on maps.

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