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Operation: Frostbite
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Operation: Frostbite is a PvE mission in Armored Warfare.


"December 8, 2038. A blizzard has knocked out communications with HQ. Get to the satellite stations to restore communications."

Primary Objective[]

Although there are six possible objectives available, only three are available per playthrough:

  1. "Restore SATCOMs at the Helipad" or "Restore SATCOMs at the Rail Station"
  2. "Protect the Oil Derricks" or "Defend the Eastern Oil Derricks"
  3. "Guard the Supply Train" or "Protect the Northern Facility"

Restore SATCOMs at the Helipad[]

Capture the control point at H2 within 4 minutes.

Restore SATCOMs at the Rail Station[]

Capture the control point at F1 within 4 minutes.

Protect the Oil Derricks[]

Defend the control point at G5 for 3 minutes and 20 seconds.

Defend the Eastern Oil Derricks[]

Defend the control point at F9 for 3 minutes and 20 seconds.

Guard the Supply Train[]

Defend the last control point at C6 for 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

Protect the Northern Facility[]

Defend the last control point between B7 and B8 for 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

Secondary Objectives[]

There are three secondary objectives for this mission. All require a player vehicle to driver over a white circle indicated on the minimap, and if no enemies spawn after doing so, the next one will appear elsewhere as the next objective. If enemies do spawn after reaching a white circle, all subsequent objectives are considered complete. On the other hand, if an objective is not complete by the time counter reaches zero, then all subsequent secondary objectives will not appear.

Scout the Southern Perimeter[]

Reach the white circle at I6 or J2 within 4 minutes and 5 seconds.

Scout the Bridge[]

If the first secondary objective is complete and no enemies are found, players are tasked to reach the next white circle at D7 or E5 within 3 minutes and 45 seconds.

Scout the Canyon[]

If two secondary objectives are complete and no enemies are found, players are tasked to reach the last white circle at B3 or D1 within 3 minutes and 20 seconds.


Expect minor engagement just outside the complex, and additional enemy vehicles coming in from south of the complex as players begin to capture the control point.

Should the "Defend the Eastern Oil Derricks" appear next, there is a long distance to travel from one control point to another. Therefore it is recommended to have at least one player to start heading east and anticipate for the next objective while others capture the control point.

Whichever the second objective would be, a lieutenant vehicle will spawn in the open near D7. Eliminate it as soon as possible, and repel the second wave of attack, which would normally come from south of the second control point.

The final wave of attack generally come from north of the third control point. Lightly armored vehicles can spot and defend control point at C6 from the hill at D7, or defend control point between B7 and B8 behind the trees to the east. Should enemies spawn at B3 or D1 as a result of secondary objective, they should be eliminated as they can snipe defending players from behind.


Frostbite has a x3.14 Experience.png Experience multiplier and base x9.33 Credits .png Credits multiplier for completing the mission. The latter can be boosted to x14 if all secondary objectives are complete.



  • On Russian game client, the mission is called "Буран" (Buran), which means "blizzard" or "snowstorm".