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Frontline is a PvP map in Armored Warfare. It was first introduced in September 2016.[1]

Background Lore[ | ]

"Two opposing tank companies clashed in a large-scale battle, leaving the local woodland landscape in a state of ruin. One side pushed north, crushing buildings under their tank treads while opposing forces traveled south, setting the nearby forest ablaze and leaving it to burn in their wake. When the two forces finally met the results were cataclysmic; now the area is littered with evidence of their encounter, with the broken remains of tanks dotting the landscape, left to rust."[1]

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Trivia[ | ]

  • On Russian game client, the map was originally called "Линия фронта", which means "front line". It was then renamed to "Vista" ("Виста") in April 2017.[2]

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