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Freedom is the fourth and final chapter of the Moscow Calling Special Operations in Armored Warfare.

Briefing[ | ]

"September 2, 2043"

"With the active camouflage set Hana could approach the detention camp stealthily. Now she needs to find and rescue as many people as she can."

Primary Objectives[ | ]

Players have 20 minutes to complete all primary objectives.

Liberate the POW Prison[ | ]

Capture the control point at E8.

Hold the Prison[ | ]

Defend the same control point at E8 for 3 minutes and 28 seconds.

Capture Magnus[ | ]

Capture the objective at E8.

Escort Magnus to the Warship[ | ]

The first player whose vehicle enters the objective circle at E8 and captures it will carry Magnus, and they must then move to the circle located between F0 and G0 on the other side of the map. If the vehicle carrying Magnus is destroyed, the mission ends in a failure.

Defend the Evacuation Site[ | ]

When "Escort Magnus to the Warship" is complete, the players have to defend the control point at E8 from enemy capture until the end of the mission.

Destroy the Enemy Warship[ | ]

This objective appears simultaneously with "Defend the Evacuation Site" primary objective, and it serves as a timer before mission completion.

Capture the Command Center[ | ]

This objective appears when the progress on "Destroy the Enemy Warship" reaches 2/15. Players have 3 minutes and 30 seconds to capture circle at E2.

Protect the SAM[ | ]

At some point during the "Defend the Evacuation Site" objective, the two SAM launchers will be attacked by enemy Light Tanks, which can be distinguished by its designated status. The light tanks spawn one at a time to the north and south of the launchers. Should either launcher's durability reaches zero, the mission ends in a failure.

Deliver SAM Ammo[ | ]

At some point during the "Defend the Evacuation Site" objective, players have 3 minutes to capture the circle at G1 and bring the SAM Ammo to the launchers at F0 and H1.

Secondary Objectives[ | ]

Defend the Friendly Vehicles[ | ]

This objective appears approximately five seconds after "Hold the Prison" primary objective becomes active. Players have to protect the three NPC Armored Fighting Vehicles located that spawn at the northern, eastern, and southern entrance of the prison camp. If all vehicles are destroyed before "Hold the Prison" is complete, this objective ends in a failure.

Defend the Convoy[ | ]

At some point during the "Defend the Evacuation Site" objective, all surviving NPC vehicles from the "Defend the Friendly Vehicles" secondary objective as well as one additional AFV will head out from the prison camp towards the warship. This objective will end in a success if at least one friendly vehicle reaches the control point at E2.

Strategy[ | ]

Rewards[ | ]

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