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Francine De Laroche

Francine De Laroche

Francine De Laroche is a Dealer in Armored Warfare. Her dealership symbol is stingray.

Many of De Laroche's vehicles can be configured and customized to fit players' preferences by the means of mutually exclusive module mechanics. Her selection of French, Italian, and Asian vehicles has a wide variety of play style.

Francine De Laroche debuted as the game's sixth dealer on May 19, 2019 with low- to mid-tier French and Italian vehicles,[1] followed by high tier counterparts two months later.[2] A new set of Asian progression vehicles appeared on February 25, 2020,[3] and was completed with high tier vehicles on April 2.[4]

Background Lore[ | ]

Few people belong to the corporate world the way Francine De Laroche does. Born to a high society family, she has always been sophisticated but also cold and aloof, indifferent to the plight of what she likes to call “unwashed masses.” Her life choices reflect that attitude – she is very picky about who she wants to offer her services to and you, commanders, are lucky indeed to have attracted her attention by your excellent performance so far for the circle of people she trusts is very small indeed.[5]

Tech Tree[ | ]

Francine De Laroche's tech tree prior to update 0.36.

Vehicles[ | ]

French and Italian Vehicles[ | ]

Asian Vehicles[ | ]

Premium Vehicles[ | ]

Special Vehicles[ | ]