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Factions in Armored Warfare are different groups players either fight with or against in various Events for prizes. Each faction has a place within the Story and their actions have been dictated by player involved campaigns and showdowns.


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Major Factions[ | ]

Mercenary Showdown[ | ]

Main article: Mercenary Showdown

From the 16th of February until the 6th of March 2016, players were able to join one of two mercenary teams as part of the Mercenary Showdown Event; the White Lancers and the Hellhounds. The eventual victor of the event was the Hellhounds.

White Lancers[ | ]

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The White Lancers mercenary band formed from the remnants of several mercenary units, led by former Colonel Jacek Kowalski, and were active in Central Europe in the late 2030s, until being destroyed in battle. Survivors banded together with the Hellhounds to form the Remnant soon after.

Hellhounds[ | ]

Main article: Hellhounds

The Hellhounds mercenary unit was formed after the unrest of 2029 in Germany under the leadership of Colonel Hans Krieger. The Hellhounds were active in Central Europe in the late 2030s, until being routed during a prolonged ambush. Survivors banded together with the White Lancers to form the Remnant soon after.

Panzer Showdown[ | ]

Main article: Panzer Showdown

The Panzer Showdown event took place between the 14th and the 25th of April, and players could join one of the three factions; the Maulers, the Remnant, and the Bulwark. The overall winner of the event was the Remnant, with the Maulers and Bulwark coming in a distant second and third.

Maulers[ | ]

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Authors of Operation Arminius, the ambush which nearly completely annihilated the Hellhounds and White Lancers, the Maulers, led by Erika Schepke, were the military arm of the Lodestar GmbH Corporation. Staffed by veterans of the German Armed Forces, and financed with some of the best vehicles money can buy, they were a formidable force on paper. During the course of a prolonged campaign against the Remnant and Bulwark, they were soundly routed, retreating to rebuild their forces.

Remnant[ | ]

Main article: Remnant

The Remnant, formed out of the remainder of the Hellhounds and White Lancers following Operation Arminius, were led by Sebastian Grimm, a surviving Hellhounds officer. After reforming under their new banner, he led the Remnant on a campaign of destruction, completely routing the Maulers in the ensuing battle. The Remnant was last seen heading east in order to reorganize in relative safety.

Bulwark[ | ]

Main article: Bulwark

Formed from the merging of several local PMCs in the area formerly known as German Bavaria and Austria, the “Bulwark initiative” consisted of a joint command center under the command of Franz Steindl, a former colonel of the Austrian Army. While valiant in their defense against the Mauler invasion, the fractured nature of the coalition begun to show almost instantly, with the Bulwark disbanding permanently shortly after the end of hostilities in the region.

Super Brawl[ | ]

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From February 3 to February 10 2017, all players had the opportunity to join one of two mercenary forces; the Fighting Falcons and the New England Minutemen. The two factions were fighting a battle over Houston to establish dominance in the region, with the Fighting Falcons claiming near total victory.

Fighting Falcons[ | ]

Main article: Fighting Falcons

Founded by the members of a former National Guard unit in Atlanta, the Fighting Falcons operate a large fleet of Abrams tanks and a number of older fighter jets from the U.S. inventory. They value freedom and liberty above all else – including from what they perceive as an oppressive government – and are determined to preserve Houston's independence at any cost!

New England Minutemen[ | ]

Main article: New England Minutemen

Hailing from the North-East, the cradle of the United States of America, the New England Minutemen are American patriots and are working closely with the U.S. government. They have recently been tasked with re-taking the Texas badlands. "Ready at a minute's notice" is their motto and failure is not an option – it's time to bring Texas back to the fold!

Man O'War Showdown[ | ]

Main article: Man O'War Showdown

The Man O’War Showdown is the first part of the Storyline Campaign, focused around the battle for the Balkans between the Clayburn Seahawks and Lodestar Deathwalkers, the military arms of cooperations seeking to assert their dominance in the region, and the Hajduk Militia, a local resistance force seeing to retain Balkan freedom, no matter the price. From May 4th to 18th 2017 players had the opportunity to join one of the factions vying for dominance over the Balkan territory. Eventually, the massed support won victory for the Hajduk Militia over the corporations in a resounding victory.

Clayburn Seahawks[ | ]

Main article: Clayburn Seahawks

In 2038, Clayburn Industries acquired large portions of Baltic land after regional economic collapse. After multiple raids on corporate forces in the area, they deployed Task Force Seahawk under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Adrian Blackwood to the region. Armed with Leopard 2 and M1 Abrams MBTs, Bradley IFVs, and Strykers, the Seahawks were involved in the attempted pacification of the region in Spring 2039, but were forced to withdraw from the area due to heavy Hajduk/Lodestar resistance, along with leadership failures and infighting, which eventually led to Task Force Seahawk committing mass desertion.

Lodestar Deathwalkers[ | ]

Main article: Lodestar Deathwalkers

A Maulers unit, the 11th Lodestar Combat Group, known as the “Deathwalkers”, were assigned to the Balkans to weaken Clayburn Industries' hold on the area. Compared to regular Mauler units, the Deathwalkers focus on supplementing their own forces with local armor units. As a result, Lodestar has a number of Soviet era tanks in the region, along with several Leopard 2 tanks. While the Deathwalkers were successful in stopping Clayburn's push for regional dominance that occurred in Spring 2039, their own forces were all but annihilated in the fighting.

Hajduk Militia[ | ]

Main article: Hajduk Militia

After the 2038 collapse of the Balkan governments and the following corporate takeover, resistance groups began to form within the region, the largest of these being the Hajduks. The core of the Hajduk forces consisted of Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian veterans, armed with large numbers of older Soviet armor, and reinforced by Bulgarian mercenaries and militias from Austria and southern Germany. In Spring 2039, the Hajduk were successful in forcing Clayburn to withdraw from the area through armed resistance, but soon after, begun to splinter into various subgroups.

Other Factions[ | ]

Crimson Reavers[ | ]

Main article: Crimson Reavers

A unit under the command of Clayburn Industries, the Crimson Reavers are regarded as one of the most infamous PMCs in the world due to their brutality and ruthlessness in battle. Under the command of Peter Clayburn, the unit was led into the Sinai Desert to crush Task Force Seahawk, but retreated after Clayburn's tank was destroyed.

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