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Erin O'Connell is a premium commander in Armored Warfare. She was first available both as part of a purchasable bundle and as a random giveaway in 2016 St. Patrick's Day events[1] and later as a reward in the first Storyline Campaign in 2017[2]. She returns as a purchasable commander on MY.GAMES Market periodically.

Erin specializes in scouting; she has skills improve her vision range and spotting capability through foliage, as well as skills that help improve her vehicle's camouflage factor, making her ideal for Armored Fighting Vehicles. She can also be configured for improved mobility for faster positioning, but such approach is rarely adopted.

Skill Field

Erin Skill Block.PNG
Erin's skill field since Patch 0.22


Starting Skill

Skill Name Description Quantity
Eagle Eye IV Ability to spot targets behind foliage improved by 19.55%...30.08% 1

Other skills

Skill Name Description Quantity
At the Helm I Vehicle maximum speed increased by 1.56%, if friendly vehicles are within 25 meters 2
Camouflage III Camo factor increased by 5% 1
In the Shadows I Foliage camo factor increased by 3.8% 1
In the Shadows II Foliage camo factor increased by 6.6% 1
In the Shadows III Foliage camo factor increased by 11.3% 1
Maxed Out I Repair speed increased by 5% 2
No Deaths I Crew resilience improved by 6.3% 1
Offensive I Acceleration in offroad environments improved by 3%, if within 25 meters of friendly vehicles 2
Offroader II Acceleration in offroad environments is improved by 4.4% 2
Retreat III Acceleration in offroad environments improved by 15% when enemy is spotted. Duration: 10 s. Can be activated once every 30 s 1
Special Agent II Camo factor increased by 3%, if no friendly vehicles are within 25 meters 1
Special Agent III Camo factor increased by 5%, if no friendly vehicles are within 25 meters 1
Specialist I Trait cooldown speed increased by 4.21% 4
Vehicle Armor I Damage caused by ramming reduced by 12.28% 3
Vigilance I Spotting range increased by 5 meters 1
Vigilance II Spotting range increased by 8.8 meters 1
Vigilance III Spotting range increased by 15 meters 1

Personnel File

Place of Birth: Drogheda, Ireland

Erin initially intended to follow for father's footsteps and join the Irish Naval Service, but found herself much more engaged by land-based warfare. Her dedication and natural talent quickly propelled her through the Command and Staff School at the military college in The Curragh, but because the Irish Army had relatively few armored vehicles, she chose instead to become a contractor. Erin is characterized most by her tenacity and commitment, with years of study under her belt and a passion for being in the think of battle, few commanders are as devoted to their craft as she.

Legacy Skills

The following skills are from before 0.22 that no longer apply to the current commander progression system.

  • Tier 1 - Hidden Gunner Your visibility penalty while shooting is reduced by 30%.
  • Tier 2 - Take Aim Aim speed Improved by 10%.
  • Tier 2 - Eagle Eye Peak accuracy improved by 10%.
  • Tier 3 - Quick Rotation Increases turret traverse by 15%
  • Tier 4 - Lock On! Aim speed increased by 20% for 20s after you spot an enemy.
  • Tier 4 - Delamination Reload time reduced by -6% for 15s after l bouncing at against an enemy vehicle.
  • Tier 5 - Blending in Camo factor Improved by 10%.


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