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Operation: Desert Path is a PvE mission in Armored Warfare.

Briefing[ | ]

"April 29, 2038. An allied convoy needs to pass near a port occupied by the PLM forces. Your task is to clear the way and secure the route."

Primary Objective[ | ]

Players have 12 minutes to complete all objectives.

Capture the Outpost[ | ]

Capture the control point located at H6.

Lower the Bridge[ | ]

After completing the first objective, defend the same control point at H6 for 3 minutes.

Hold the Road[ | ]

After completing the second objective, defend the next control point at H8 for 4 minutes.

Secondary Objective[ | ]

There are two possible secondary objectives in this mission, but only one will appear per playthrough.

Destroy the UAV[ | ]

A UAV flies from north to south mid-mission. A health bar and a minimap icon appear when the aircraft spawns, and the players are tasked to destroy the aircraft before it despawns to the south. A Self-Propelled Gun also spawns to the east beyond the map border at the same time that can bombard the players' vehicles. Destroying the UAV will cause the enemy Self-Propelled Gun to cease fire, otherwise the vehicle will remain active for the remainder of the mission.

Kill the Messenger[ | ]

When approaching towards a control point at H6 or H8, an enemy vehicle, which can be distinguished by its designated status, spawns nearby and tries to escape in one direction. Destroying the designated vehicle before it despawns beyond the map border completes the bonus objective.

Strategy[ | ]

There are two waves of enemy vehicles that spawn either to the north or to the east as players head towards the first control point. The control point itself is defended by a large cluster of enemies, including one lieutenant vehicle.

Clearing out the defenders will progress the mission to the next phase, where players have to defend the same control point from enemy attack. The enemies mostly come from the north via the northern map border at G5 or G6. Players with armored vehicles should anticipate enemy attack from either paths and position themselves accordingly, whereas those with lighter vehicles can consider taking the high ground at the bridgehead to provide spotting and fire support.

When the bridge is fully lowered, players have to defend the second control point on the other side of the port. While crossing the bridge, at least one enemy vehicle will confront the player vehicles on the said bridge, and there is one Tank Destroyer that spawns on an elevated position to the northwest of the control point. Spend as little time as possible on the bridge and take out any immediate threats, then defend the control point from last wave of enemy assault, which can come from the north or east.

Rewards[ | ]

Desert Path has a x3.3 Experience Experience multiplier and base x10 Credits Credits multiplier for completing the mission. The latter can be boosted to x15 if secondary objective is complete.

Gallery[ | ]