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Desert Crossing minimap

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Desert Crossing is a Global Operations map in Armored Warfare. The map was introduced in October 2016 as the debut map for the then new Global Operations game mode.[1] Five PvE missions are based on the map: Desert Fox, Desert Path, Desert Saber, Desert Strike, and Desert Viper.

Background Lore[ | ]

"An abandoned aircraft carrier is sitting in a dry dock, along with the attached military base, ripe for the taking. Several mercenary forces are preparing to slug it out under the scorching sun. Long-forgotten riches of the recently discovered military base await the victor, but only two things await the loser – a sandy grave and a visit from the packs of vultures that are already circling. Which will you be?"[2]

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Trivia[ | ]

  • On Russian game client, the map was originally called "Врата пустыни", which means "desert gate". It was then renamed to "Suez Canal" ("Суэцкий канал") in April 2017.[3]

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