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Dealers are independent arms suppliers who are willing to sell Vehicles from their catalogues to players that lead their own military corporations in Armored Warfare. Dealers are not necessarily associated with specific nationalities, though some have specific vehicles, that match with their personal history. Instead, vehicle trees tend to be created with a specific playstyle or region in mind.

Dealers[edit | edit source]

Currently, there are six dealers in game; Sophie Wölfli, Marat Shishkin, Zhang Feng, Oscar Faraday, Sol Schreiber & Francine De Laroche. Armored Warfare launched with Wölfli and Shishkin, Feng was added during Update 0.13 ,Oscar Faraday was added with Update 0.24, Sol Schreiber was added with Update 0.26 and Francine De Laroche was added with Update 0.28

Sophie Wölfli[edit | edit source]

Main article: Sophie Wölfli

Think, then act.

Wölfli is a former Western European diplomat turned arms dealer, with vehicles generally falling into a more passive/defensive posture. She features a number of American and German Main Battle Tanks, along with a large selection of Tank Destroyers and Armored Fighting Vehicles.

Marat Shishkin[edit | edit source]

Main article: Marat Shishkin

Strength Through Endurance.

Shishkin is an East European Businessman whose exports generally focus on Firepower and Mobility over protection. Featuring a large number of Soviet/Russian Main Battle Tanks and Armored Fighting Vehicles, as well as a multinational line of Light Tanks and British/Italian MBTs.

Zhang Feng[edit | edit source]

Main article: Zhang Feng

Invest in your tools. They will give your work longevity.

Feng is a Chinese National who focused much of his young life on military R&D, becoming the lead researcher for one of the largest military technology companies in China. Focusing on all around vehicles and effective fire support, Feng features Chinese Main Battle Tanks, along with Self-Propelled Guns and a large selection of various fire support vehicles from Central Europe.

Oscar Faraday[edit | edit source]

Main article: Oscar Faraday

Dark Horse

Oscar Faraday has cooperated with special services for a very long time. He believes the outcome of battle can be determined by one accurate strike. His choice of vehicles reflects his nature – he offers machines capable taking out targets quickly but, most importantly, silently. Many of his machines also have unique features.

In Update 0.30 American Dream, Oscar Faraday received a new set of high-Tier progression vehicles, such as Griffin 50mm, M113 Hellfire, M1 TTB, M48 GAU-8, T249 Vigilante and M8 MGM-166, each of them fairly different and with its own unique abilities and play style. These vehicles can be unlocked from other dealers’ trees.

Sol Schreiber[edit | edit source]

Main article: Sol Schreiber

Versatile force

Sol Schreiber provides balanced vehicles that can overlook many mistakes on the battlefield. Sol focuses mainly on Israeli origin Main Battle Tanks. These are heavily armoured, and many have self-reloading Ready-racks. Sol also has a multinational line of mixed vehicles leading to other dealer trees.

Francine De Laroche[edit | edit source]

Main article: Francine De Laroche

Touche personnelle

The vehicles offered by her can generally be configured to fit more than one battlefield role depending on your preferences by the means of mutually exclusive module mechanics and alternative module progression branches. Some of them also offer some very unique active abilities and other upgrades.

In Update 0.31 Spirit Haven, A new set of Asian progression vehicles appears in Francine De Laroche’s vehicle pool, each with fairly different playstyle. Begin with Type 16 MCV, Harimau, K-153C, AS21 Redback, K2 Black Panther with K21 as a premium vehicle.

Special[edit | edit source]

(Main article: Special)

The "special" dealer is not actually a dealer at all, but a categorization used to define and group vehicles that are not associated with other dealers or appear in any of their dealer trees. Most vehicles that fall into this category are premium vehicles obtained from the web shop or event vehicles that are given out as awards, compensation, holiday gifts, or due to other circumstances. Some vehicles in this category are no longer obtainable and/or have been stated to never be available after the instance they were handed or given out.

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