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Zhang Feng progression early

An early screenshot showing Zhang Feng's progression tree

Dealers are independent arms suppliers who are willing to sell vehicles from their catalogues to players leading their own private military companies in the world of Armored Warfare. Vehicle progression is not necessarily associated with specific nationalities - instead, dealers offer some vehicles with similar characteristics but possibly from different nations in one progression branch.

Some dealer vehicles and branches are locked by conditions other than just the amount of Experience Experience needed to progress. Such conditions are usually tied to their play style. Unlocking advanced scouts might, for example, may require a certain amount of spotting on lower tier vehicles. Premium vehicles from their respective dealers can also be used to complete said requirements, and premium time can hasten the unlock progress by 50%.

As of June 2021, there are six dealers in game: Sophie Wölfli, Marat Shishkin, Zhang Feng, Oscar Faraday, Sol Schreiber, and Francine De Laroche. Armored Warfare first launched with Wölfli and Shishkin, with Feng added in February 2016.[1] Faraday was added in March 6, 2018,[2] followed by Sol Schreiber in September 6, 2018,[3] and finally De Laroche in March 19, 2019.[4]

Sophie Wölfli[ | ]

Main article: Sophie Wölfli

Wölfli's Leopard series, Abrams series, and wheeled tank destroyers have good accuracy. Her armored fighting vehicles also have outstanding vision and camo, making her vehicles suitable for mid- and long-range combat.

Marat Shishkin[ | ]

Main article: Marat Shishkin

Shishkin's vehicles tend to feature high firepower, a trait represented by his Russian tanks and light tanks. He also has access to the BMD airborne vehicles as well as the powerful BMPTs.

Zhang Feng[ | ]

Main article: Zhang Feng

Zhang's Chinese main battle tanks range from sharing characteristics similar to Russian counterparts to having above average agility. He also offers branches featuring Eastern European vehicles as well as Self-Propelled Guns.

Oscar Faraday[ | ]

Main article: Oscar Faraday

Faraday offers many light support vehicles that come with relatively unusual traits or play style. He also offers American experimental vehicles which have to be unlocked from other dealers' branches.

Sol Schreiber[ | ]

Main article: Sol Schreiber

Schreiber's Israeli tanks are well-rounded vehicles that are forgiving to use. Furthermore, his branch allows players to unlock other dealers' vehicles in progression, or to unlock temporary (rental) vehicles of higher tiers for test play before they get to purchase them.

Francine De Laroche[ | ]

Main article: Francine De Laroche

Many of De Laroche's vehicles can be configured and customized to fit players' preferences by the means of mutually exclusive module mechanics. Her selection of French, Italian, and Asian vehicles has a wide variety of play style.

Unknown Dealer[ | ]

Main article: Unknown Dealer

The "Unknown Dealer" was not an actual dealer, but a categorization used to define and group special vehicles - vehicles that were not offered by any other dealers. Since December 20, 2021, all special vehicles are assigned to the one of the six dealers, making this category an obsolete feature.[5][6]

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