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Custom Match is a game mode that allows players to create and play in their own match rooms. It can be used a variety of purposes, such as personal training (map exploration, testing tactics etc.) or community-driven events.

Gameplay[ | ]

Custom Match can be accessed by selecting a vehicle that they own or an active rental vehicle then select Custom Match under the Player vs Player tab on the HQ screen. The interface window will first display a list of active non-private Custom Match rooms hosted by other players (if any). Players can choose to join an existing room, or create their own with custom settings, such as match type, game duration, and room privacy.

Once in the room, players can be placed in Team 1, Team 2, or remain as unassigned to become observers in match. Up to four observers are allowed in a match. A Custom Game match can start even with just one player assigned to one team and none on the other.

Regardless of results, players do not earn Experience Experience or Credits Credits in Custom Matches.

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