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There are two types of currency in Armored Warfare: credits and gold. Each are used for different items, can be acquired in different ways.

Credits[edit | edit source]

Credits are primarily earned by participating in battles, with the amount of credits you earn in a battle being based how much you contributed to the team. Contribution to the battle is tallied in multiple ways, including how much damage you inflict on the enemy, the number of enemies you spot, and winning the battle, to name a few.

Other ways to acquire credits can include completing daily challenges, from Supply Crates, and as login bonuses. You can also purchase credits by buying them with gold.

Credits are used to purchase most things you in Armored Warfare, from vehicles, consumables, ammunition and upgrades.

Gold[edit | edit source]

Gold is generally only available for purchase from the gold shop on the website for Euros or real world funds. Other ways gold can be earned are from the various Events Armored Warfare hosts, or through weekly login bonuses offered in the My.Com launcher.

Gold has two major uses in Armored Warfare; Purchasing Premium items and accelerating progression.

Premium Items[edit | edit source]

Premium Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Premium vehicles are purchasable in game from the various dealers for gold, and are unique vehicles which are not obtainable for credits. Premiums vehicles come with the benefit of adding fifty percent to the credits and twenty percent to the Reputation earned in each battle.

Battle Hardening[edit | edit source]

Normal progression vehicles are able to be turned into hybrid premium vehicles through battle hardening, which gives a player a ten percent boost in reputation, and a twenty five percent boost to credits, crew experience, and commander experience gained for each battle.

Premium Account[edit | edit source]

Purchasing a Premium Account for a set period of time allows a player to earn fifty percent more credits and reputation each match.

Progression Acceleration[edit | edit source]

Gold can also be used to accelerate progression through the purchase of credits and unlocking of Global Reputation that a player has earned in battles. Credits can be purchased with gold at a rate of 1 gold for 1,600 credits, while locked reputation can be turned into global reputation at a rate of 1 gold and 125 locked reputation for 125 global reputation.