Armored Warfare Wiki

There are three types of currency in Armored Warfare: Credits, Gold, and Battle Coins.

Credits[ | ]

Credits Credits represent the hard currency used to actually purchase progression vehicles, vehicle upgrades, retrofits, consumables as well as other items. They are primarily earned by participating in PVE or PVP battles, with the amount of credits earn in a battle based on the player's performance and contribution in battle, such as damage, spotting, and completing objectives. Other methods of earning Credits include drops from crates, log-in bonus, as well as compensation from long queue waits before entering a battle (which will be given after a battle concludes).

Gold[ | ]

Golds Gold is the Premium currency of Armored Warfare and it can used for a number of things, which include but not limited to:

  • Purchase Premium vehicles in the game and in the Web Shop
  • Purchase Premium Time
  • Purchase Battle-Hardened status for progression vehicles
  • Purchase Boost tokens and Insignia
  • Purchase Battle Coins during an active Battle Path
  • Purchase Credits or Battle Coins
  • Convert Lockedxp Locked Experience into Reputation Reputation

Gold is available primarily via the Top-Up page on the official website as well as in the game, as well as occasional offers on MY.GAMES Market. Apart from buying it with real world currency, one can also obtain it from Platinum Supply Crates, log-in bonus as well as by participating in periodic events and contests.

Battle Coins[ | ]

Battlecoin Battle Coins are a currency required to advance through time-limited Battle Path levels. They can also be spent to complete difficult missions without having to actually complete their requirements in the game. Battle Coin balance is displayed in the upper right corner of the Battle Path screen.

There are several ways of obtaining Battle Coins:

  • By completing repeatable Battle Coins missions or Challenges
  • By completing missions from the three basic mission chains
  • By purchasing them or winning them in an official Armored Warfare event
  • By playing PVE or PVP matches

Special Battle Coin boosters can be obtained for Repeatable Battle Coin missions and for Battle Path level progression, increasing Battle Coin income for two hours by 900 percent. The boosters can also be saved for future Battle Paths. In addition, Long queue waits are compensated by increased Battle Coin income.

Players can earn Battle Coins for playing even without Battle Path access, but they must purchase access in order to spend them. Battle Coins acquired during the a Battle Path will not carry over to the next one, therefore it is important to spend any leftover before they expire.

The amount of Battle Coins earned for playing is determined by the duration of effective combat in a match. Effective combat time is a new mechanic that counts only the time when the player is active in battle (i.e. during or between the actions that contribute towards the player team’s effort). Players earn 2 Battle Coins per minute of effective time combat in PVE and GLOPS matches, 3 per minute for PVP (Random Battle). The exact length will be rounded up for the purposes of rewards (eg. 41 seconds will be treated as 1 minute, 1:01 minute as 2 minutes etc.) and will be available on the results screen.