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Crew members perform specific duties within vehicles in Armored Warfare. There are four classes in total: Commander, Driver, Gunner, and Loader. Depending on the vehicle, the number of crew members can vary from as few as two and up to five in total.

In battle, each crew member has a set number of hitpoints and can take damage from enemy fire similar to internal modules. Crew become injured when their hitpoints are depleted, and unlike internal modules they cannot heal by themselves; they require the use of consumables such as Medical Kit or First Aid Cabinet to recover in most circumstances. If all crew members in a vehicle are knocked out, the vehicle is considered destroyed.



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The Commander is responsible for commanding the tank. When wounded in battle, all of the Commander's skills become unavailable, and the vehicle's vision range is reduced.

In Armored Warfare, Commanders are special crew member that progresses differently than the rest of the crew, and each commander come with their own skill field and specialty. They can also move from vehicle to vehicle or even be assigned to multiple vehicles.


The driver is responsible for controlling vehicle movement. When wounded, the hull traverse, acceleration, and top speed of the vehicle are reduced.


The gunner is responsible for firing the vehicle weapon systems. When wounded, the aim speed, turret traverse speed, and accuracy of the vehicle are reduced.

In some vehicles, the gunner also acts as the loader, and can take crew skills from both the gunner and loader classes. On the other hand, there are also vehicles that have no gunner available as crew member.


The loader is in charge of reloading a vehicle's ammunition. When wounded, the reloading speed and weapon switch time are reduced.

Vehicles with autoloader do not have loader crew, whereas others can have two loaders.

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