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Crates are consumable items which contain a randomized selection of various rewards including but not limited to game currency, progression enhancing items, and vehicles upon opening. They were first added to Armored Warfare as part of the Loot System in June 2016,[1] and undergone several changes to obtention method and possible drops. This article covers both in-game crates as well as shop exclusive ones.

Supply Crates[ | ]

The following crates can normally be redeemed as rewards within the game:

Standard Supply Crate[ | ]

These crates consist of five grades: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Steel. Platinum, Gold, and Silver Supply Crates can be obtained by completing Special Operations, completing contract missions, or via log-in bonus. Bronze and Steel Supply Crates exist, but they are no longer given out to players.

Platinum and Gold Supply Crates may also be offered as part of vehicle bundles on MY.GAMES Market or as rewards from events.

  • Golds Gold (Platinum Supply Crate only)
  • Temporary premium vehicle
  • Premium time
  • Boost
  • Insignia
  • Reputation Reputation
  • Credits Credits

SpecOps Supply Crate[ | ]

These crates are rewarded to players who complete the weekly War Games - past series of Special Operations missions that become available on a rotation basis every weekend. A total of two can be obtained per rotation: one for completing Hardcore difficulty between Tiers 4 and 8, another for completing Extreme difficulty between Tiers 9 and 10.

  • Boost
  • Temporary premium vehicle
  • Experimental Field Repair Kit x10
  • 500 Battle Coins for ongoing or upcoming Battle Path

Seasonal Contract Crate[ | ]

These crates can be obtained by completing a seasonal contract for the second time and onwards after receiving the initial contract reward.

  • Permanent premium vehicle (Tiers 6-8)
  • Temporary premium vehicle (Tiers 9-10)
  • Skin
  • Camouflage
  • Golds Gold

Battalion Contract Reward[ | ]

A battalion exclusive crate that can be obtained by completing "Contract from the Unknown".

  • Temporary Hades vehicle
  • Hades vehicle parts
  • Rank Safety token
  • Experimental Field Repair Kit x10
  • RST-V Shadow parts (obtainable by battalion leader only)

Loot Crate[ | ]

Loot Crates refer to crates that can be acquired with real currency as a form of game monetization:

Vehicle Loot Crate[ | ]

Vehicle Loot Crates have a chance to drop a random number of blueprint pieces of a high Tier premium vehicle - that is promoted on the game's official website. The goal is to collect 100 blueprint pieces of the same vehicle in order to exchange for a permanent version of the said vehicle. Other possible drops include temporary (rental) versions of other premium vehicles and crate parts, the latter can be exchanged for a special version of Vehicle Loot Crate for potentially higher blueprint pieces drop rate when 10 of such pieces are collected. In very rare cases, a Vehicle Loot Crate may also drop the complete vehicle for immediate redemption.

Vehicle Loot Crates can be purchased with real currency from the web shop. For legal reasons, sales of Vehicle Loot Crate are not available to players located in France, the Netherlands, and the Kingdom of Belgium.

MY.GAME Market[ | ]

Crates in the Store section of MY.GAME Market can be opened first to preview its content before purchase. Some time limited crates require purchasing keys to unlock them.

On the other hand, crates in the Chests section can be purchased with myCoins, which are given out as bonus from purchasing certain items in the Store section of MY.GAME Market.

Gifts[ | ]

Occasionally, commemorative gifts or compensations may also come in crates from the Chests section, which can be claimed for free within a limited period of time.

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