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A Contract is a game system that provides players repeatable in-game tasks, with rewards available upon completion both in the short and long term. Each in-game task, known as Contract Mission, comes with a reward as well as contract points upon completion. By collecting enough points to fulfill a contract, players can receive the contract's ultimate reward.

Seasonal Contract[ | ]

Since June 2019, the game features seasonal contracts that ultimately rewards players with a premium vehicle.[1][2] Repeated completion of seasonal contracts will reward players with a Seasonal Contract Crate. Contract progress is reset when a new premium vehicle becomes available to replace the existing reward.

Seasonal contract's progress and a list of available contract missions can be found on the right hand side of the HQ screen when Co-Op Missions or Player vs Player tab is selected. The list consists of two daily missions and two weekly missions: Daily missions have 24-hour cooldown upon completion, whereas weekly missions have 7-day cooldown. Daily missions can be attempted on all game modes apart from Custom Match, whereas weekly missions are separated into PvE and PvP-only variants.

Seasonal contract's missions can also be completed by paying Golds Gold.

Battalion Contract[ | ]

Also known as "Contract from the Unknown", this battalion exclusive contract is activated by a battalion leader; the leader gets to choose what Tier 9 Hades vehicle, whose parts the battalion members can obtain via contract missions, becomes available throughout a contract's progress. By collecting 100 parts of a Hades vehicle, a player can exchange them for a permanent version of the said vehicle.[3]

There are six Tier 9 Hades available in total:

The leader has a limited amount of time to choose a contract with the desired Hades vehicle. If no contract is chosen by the time expires, a random one will be chosen automatically for the Battalion. In addition to vehicle choices, a Battalion Contract is also available in different tiers. Higher tier contracts offer better rewards per contract mission, and they require fewer contract points to complete, but they also require a battalion to have higher ranking to activate.

Tier Required Ranking Contract Points
1 0 - 1,000 3,000
2 1,001 - 2,000 2,500
3 2,001 - 3,000 2,000
4 3,001 - 4,750 1,500

Similar to a seasonal contract, a battalion contract's progress and list of available missions can be found on the right hand side of the HQ screen under the Battalion Operations tab. The lists consists of contract five missions: one of basic tier and four of heroic tier. To aid in contract progress, a battalion bonus of x10 is available for completing a heroic tier contract mission. This can occur up to twenty completions in total by all members in the battalion every week; the number of bonus left available can be confirmed by clicking on the contract progress circle. Battalion bonus counter resets every Thursday.

While each battalion member has their battalion contract missions, all points that are earned from completing such missions contribute towards the same contract. In other words, a battalion contract's progress is shared among all members.

Some contract missions may reward players with a temporary version of a T-14 152 Hades or Type 99A2 Hades. Such vehicles cannot be obtained permanently and can only be owned for a limited period of time.[4]

Completing a battalion contract rewards all members of the battalion with a special Battalion Contract Reward crate. The leader also gets 100 parts of RST-V Shadow for their own use or to distribute to other battalion members.

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