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There are several classes of Vehicles in Armored Warfare. Each class has been balanced so their strengths and weaknesses create a dynamic battlefield.

List of classes[ | ]

Main Battle Tanks[ | ]

Main article: Main Battle Tanks

Main Battle Tanks, or MBTs, are the brawlers and close combat fighter class of Armored Warfare, designed with protection and firepower against all threats.

Light Tanks[ | ]

Main article: Light Tanks

Of the main classes available in all game modes, the Light Tanks represent the perfect blend of firepower and mobility.  While the Armored Fighting Vehicles are dedicated scouts with little protection that must rely on stealth or speed, the Light Tanks can take and – more importantly – dish out quite a bit of punishment, making them the class with the highest overall damage per minute value in the game.

Armored Fighting Vehicles[ | ]

Armored Fighting Vehicles, or AFVs, are typically stealthy and mobile vehicles commonly armed either with an autocannon or a combination of autocannon and guided missiles.

Tank Destroyers[ | ]

Main article: Tank Destroyers

Tank Destroyers, or TDs, are a class of mobile fire support platforms focusing on delivering devastating firepower to the enemy from a distance.

Self-Propelled Guns[ | ]

Main article: Self-Propelled Guns

Self-Propelled Guns, or SPGs, are a vehicle class designed for long-range, indirect fire support against enemy targets.

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