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An example photo of the three daily challenges for PvE.

Challenges are a set of goals given each day to players of Armored Warfare for PvP and PvE that reward a player with credits and Loot Crates for completion.

Challenges[edit | edit source]

Challenges typically consist of completing an objective while either playing a certain class of vehicle or achieving some goal within the match. Some examples of challenges are:

  • Spotting a certain number of vehicles.
  • Killing a certain number of a specific class of vehicle.
  • Winning a certain number of games in a specific class of vehicle.
  • Dealing a certain amount of damage from within or beyond a certain range.
  • Getting a certain number of kills while below 50% health.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

All challenges will list their objective, and the reward for completing them. On top of this, completing a certain number of challenges per day will offer a bonus reward of credits or extra Loot Crates.