Chall. 1 Falc.

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Chall. 1 Falc.
Chall. 1 Falc.
Tier / Class:
Stats - Stock (Renowned)
725 mm
Reload time:
24 s
Hit Points:
Hull F/S/R:
460 / 275 / 70
Hull composition:
Turret F/S/R:
800 / 200 / 48
Turret composition:
Max Speed:
55 km/h
Acceleration 0-32kph:
7.63 s
Vehicle Mass:
57,000 kg
Hull Traverse:
32.4 °/s
13 %
435 m
Cannon Depression:
-10.0 / 20.0 °
Accuracy (Spread):
Aim time:
1.7 s
Turret Traverse Speed:
40 °/s

The Challenger 1 FALCON (Chall. 1 Falc. in-game) is a tier 8 Main Battle Tank originating from the United Kingdom and Jordan. It is a Premium Vehicle sold as part of one of the new Collector's Editions.

This is a special event premium vehicle and can only be purchased during special sales events.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Heavy Armor : the vehicle's armor bounces more shots and takes more hits.
  • High Caliber : the high-caliber weaponry deals an increased damage.
  • 360 Smoke Concealment : vehicle fires smoke launchers in all directions.

Player Recommendations[edit | edit source]


This tank is quite difficult to play. It cannot reliably bounce shells in a brawl, cannot flank and reposition due to the poor mobility, and cannot snipe due to the bad accuracy on its main gun. Hope that the enemy has someone else to shoot at and try to move in on their side or rear.

Pros and Cons[edit | edit source]

Pros[edit | edit source]

  • It's a premium, so additional credit generation.
  • Generally well armored, and comes with an unmanned turret
  • Large health pool

Cons[edit | edit source]

  • Low top speed and acceleration compared to other tier 8 vehicles
  • Lacks the ERA upgrade of the Challenger 1 at tier 7
  • A number of weakspots, notably the large, flat cheeks at the back of the turret
  • Poor gun handling and a generally underwhelming gun
  • Easy to set on fire

Suggested Research Order[edit | edit source]

This is a premium tank, there are no modules to research.

Upgrade Suggestions[edit | edit source]

This is a premium tank, as such there is only the stock set of vehicle upgrades available.

Retrofit Suggestions[edit | edit source]

Augmented Breech Lock or Magnetic Actuators in the Universal slot, Internal Hull Reinforcement in one of the Armor slots and either Spall Liner or Reinforced Engine Housing in the other, Intercoms in the Technology slot.

Commander and Crew Skill Suggestions[edit | edit source]

As the tank has an autoloader, the crew only consists of a driver and gunner. First skills should be Spin to Win and Quick Draw, second skills should be Off Road Driving, and a choice between

Marksman and Do the Twist for the gunner.

Armor[edit | edit source]

Challenger 1 Facon Stock Armor
Reputation Cost Credits Hull Armor (F/S/R) Hull Composition Turret Armor (F/S/R) Turret Composition ERA Type ERA Modifiers
Stock Stock 460/275/80 Composite 800/200/48 Composite - .00/.00/.00
The Challenger 1 Falcon utilizes the standard hull with a low profile unmanned turret that retains the strong composites of the frontal arc. This reduces weight while retaining protection, improving both vehicle and crew survivability.

Firepower[edit | edit source]

120mm Smoothbore cannon CTG 120 L/50
Shell name Type Reputation Damage Area of effect Penetration Velocity Accuracy (Fully Aimed) Reload Time Shells in Magazine Reload within Magazine Burst Fire Rate
120mm DM43A AP AP Stock 467-570 0m 725mm 1200m/s 0.103° 24.00s 8 {{{reloadm}}}s 14.00rd/min
120mm DM12A1 HEAT HEAT Stock 182-854 0m 700mm 750m/s 0.110° 24.00s 8 {{{reloadm}}}s 14.00rd/min

Mobility[edit | edit source]

Name Reputation Cost Credits Max Speed Reverse Speed 0 to 32km/h 0 to Max speed Hull Traverse Fire Chance
Perkins CV12-1200 TCA 1200hp Diesel Engine Stock Stock 55.00km/h {{{reverse}}} 7.63s {{{0-max}}} {{{htrav}}} {{{firechance}}}

Technology[edit | edit source]

Chall.1 Falc. Upgrades
Name Reputation Cost Credits Description
Spall Liner Stock Stock Hit points increased by 250

L8 Smoke Grenades Stock Stock Provides 5 volleys
Takes 60 s to reload
Duration: 10 s

Magazine Autoloader Stock Stock Increase autoloader recharge speed by 150%
It is scaled depending on the magazine capacity.

History[edit | edit source]

Successor to the Chieftain line of vehicles, the Challenger 1 was developed in the late 1970s by the United Kingdom. Although this main battle tank was eventually superseded by the Challenger 2, modifications have been made to the Challenger 1 by the Jordanian army; specifically, the addition of the unmanned Falcon turret. The Challenger 1 Falcon features a 120mm smoothbore gun, a lower profile, and offers additional protection to it's crew.

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