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Operation: Cerberus is a PvE mission in Armored Warfare.

Briefing[ | ]

"June 17, 2037. One of the Cartel's elite strike squads is attempting to hijack a key munitions shipment. Take them down."

Primary Objective[ | ]

Players have 15 minutes to complete all three primary objectives.

Destroy the Elite Guard[ | ]

The first objective is to destroy a lieutenant vehicle near E5.

Destroy the Reinforcements[ | ]

When the first lieutenant vehicle is destroyed, the next objective appears on the minimap at F3.

There is one lieutenant vehicle to destroy On Standard difficulty. On Hardcore difficulty this is changed to two lieutenant vehicles.

Destroy the Remaining Lieutenants[ | ]

The final objective appears on the minimap between B6 and C6.

There is one lieutenant vehicle to destroy On Standard difficulty. On Hardcore difficulty this is changed to three lieutenant vehicles.

Secondary Objective[ | ]

There are three possible secondary objectives in this mission, but only one will appear per playthrough.

Jam Cartel Scanners[ | ]

This bonus objective requires players to reach designated areas one by one. This is done by driving over each white circle and stay there until it disappears.

Destroy Mine Shipments[ | ]

There are five crates to destroy for this objective. All of them can be found along the train.

Destroy the Transport Trucks[ | ]

Players are tasked to five transport trucks, which are scattered across the map.

Strategy[ | ]

The objective markers on the minimap only indicate approximate locations of the lieutenant vehicles where they would spawn, and the lieutenants may move away from the marker.

As players head north towards the first objective, a light tank may spawn at I5 in the beginning.

The first lieutenant is on open ground with some cover, but it can be flanked easily. Lighter vehicles can go up to the hill on D6 to snipe the lieutenant and other vehicles, and can remain in this position for the next objective as well.

The second objective's lieutenant(s) spawn to the west, but additional enemies also spawn from the border at F6, so it is important to take care of the enemies to the east as well, or else they may circle around and attack player vehicles from behind.

The final lieutenant(s) and their guards spawn further up north, but may push south instead of waiting for players to find them. Additional enemies may also spawn at C3, so players who decide to snipe from the ridge between C3 and E3 should be wary of enemies climbing up the ridge to engage them. The narrow space between the train and the hill to the right between D4 and D5 can be used as a choke point to the players' advantage. Alternatively, players can also circle around the front end of the train at B4 from the west to flank the said enemies.

Rewards[ | ]

Cerberus has a x3.55 Experience Experience multiplier and base x11 Credits Credits multiplier for completing the mission. The latter can be boosted to x13 if secondary objective is complete.

Gallery[ | ]