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Burning Grounds is the first chapter of the Exodus Special Operations in Armored Warfare.

Briefing[ | ]

"June, 2049"

"Two years after the battle of Batumi, Kopylov's and Rinaldi's settlement is a thriving industrial hub built near the ruins of a pipeline and processing crude oil from around the world using the old refining equipment, making it a popular target of not only the surviving trade delegations from other settlements, but also raiders who are constantly trying to take over. These dregs of society have been largely unsucessful. Until now..."

Primary Objectives[ | ]

Players have 20 minutes to complete all primary objectives up to "Mark the Route for the Warship".

Recapture the Factory[ | ]

Capture the control point at H8, then another at E8.

Although the objective states that three buildings need to be captured, this objective will complete itself prematurely after capturing the second control point due to a scripted event in the form of a volcanic explosion.

Protect the Infantry[ | ]

This primary objective is exclusive to Extreme difficulty, and it stays active throughout the mission. At least one allied infantry must survive until the end of the mission, or else the mission will fail. The survival of these uncontrollable allied infantrymen is heavily depended on the secondary objective of the same name, where players need to eliminate enemy Snipers within the allocated time limit.

Escape[ | ]

Reach the circles in the following order: A6, D5, F6.

After completing "Destroy the AAA", another circle appears at J3, but it will be removed shortly as a result of a scripted event.

Wait for the Gates to Open[ | ]

When the allied infantrymen reach E6, wait for 40 seconds until the gate to F6 opens, or destroy nearby enemies to complete the objective early.

Locate the AAA[ | ]

Capture the control point at F6.

Destroy the AAA[ | ]

Destroy the stationary target at H4.

Mark the Route for the Warship[ | ]

Capture the control points one by one at G2, D2, and B2.

Hold the Landing Zone[ | ]

After capturing the control point at B2, defend the same control point for 3 minutes.

Secondary Objectives[ | ]

Protect the Infantry[ | ]

At certain points of the mission, allied Infantry will be targeted by enemy Snipers, whose locations will be indicated on the minimap. Players have 30 seconds to eliminate all enemy Snipers, or else allied infantry will suffer casualties. On Hardcore difficulty, losing all infantry will cause the another secondary objective of the same name to fail, but allowing the same to occur on Extreme difficulty will cause the mission to fail.

There are four waves of enemy Snipers in total:

  • One Sniper after reaching the circle at A6
  • Two Snipers when approaching the AAA at H4
  • Two Snipers when approaching the control point at D2
  • Three Snipers when 1 minute has elapsed during the "Hold the Landing Zone" primary objective

Strategy[ | ]

Rewards[ | ]

Gallery[ | ]


  1. Time limit is extended by 3 minutes and 20 seconds when "Mark the Route for the Warship" objective is complete