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'''Vehicle name''' is a tier 1 [[Light Tank]] originating from the USSR. It is sold by [[Shishkin]]. It is first [[vehicle]] in the Core Vehicles line and leads to the [[T-54]] and [[M41]].

==Player recommendations==
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===Pros and cons===
* It drives

* It's not a Premium

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{{tree/start |summary=PT-76 Stock Armor is the only armor.}}
{{tree|boxstyle=background:#0C1215; color:#FFFFFF;| T1 |T1={{Upgrade|BasicArmor.png|PT-76 Stock Armor|-}}}}

{{tree/start |summary=76.2mm D-56T is the stock cannon and 76.2mm D-56TM the tier 2 upgrade.}}
{{tree|boxstyle=background:#0C1215; color:#FFFFFF;| T1 |-| T2 |-| T3 |-| T4 |-| T5 |T1={{Upgrade|Cannon01.png|76.2mm D-56T Rifled Cannon|-}}|T2={{Upgrade|HEAT.png|76mm BK-350M HEAT|{{currency|reputation|80}}}}|T3={{Upgrade|AP.png|76mm UBR-354B AP|{{currency|reputation|85}}}}|T4={{Upgrade|Cannon02.png|76.2mm D-56TM Rifled Cannon|{{currency|reputation|370}}}}|T5={{Upgrade|HVAP.png|76mm BM-354P HVAP|{{currency|reputation|105}}}}}}

{{tree/start |summary=V-6B Diesel Engine is the stock engine and V6-M Diesel Engine the tier 2 upgrade.}}
{{tree|boxstyle=background:#0C1215; color:#FFFFFF;| T1 |-| T2 |T1={{Upgrade|Engine01.png|V-6B Diesel Engine|-}}|T2={{Upgrade|Engine02.png|V6-M Diesel Engine|{{currency|reputation|215}}}}}}

{{tree/start |summary=PT-76 Technology is the stock upgrade, STP-2P Zarya Stabilizer and Filtration-Ventilation System are tier 2 upgrades, and TShK-2-66 Gunners Sight the tier 3 upgrade.}}
{{tree|boxstyle=background:#0C1215; color:#FFFFFF;| T1 |v| T2 |-| T3 |T1={{Upgrade||PT-76 Technology|-}}|T2={{Upgrade||STP-2P Zarya Stabilizer|{{currency|reputation|115}}}}|T3={{Upgrade||TShK-2-66 Gunners Sight|{{currency|reputation|145}}}}}}
{{tree| | | |!| | | |}}
{{tree|boxstyle=background:#0C1215; color:#FFFFFF;| | | |`| T4 | | |T4={{Upgrade||Filtration-Ventilation System|{{currency|reputation|85}}}}}}

{{tree/start |summary=Once reaching Proven status, there are two Credits Packages available, followed by a Waterproof upgrade.}}
{{tree|boxstyle=background:#0C1215; color:#FFFFFF;| T1 |-| T2 |-| T3 |T1={{Upgrade|Credits.png|Credits Package|{{currency|reputation|150}}}}|T2={{Upgrade|Credits.png|Credits Package|{{currency|reputation|150}}}}|T3={{Upgrade||Waterproof|{{currency|reputation|120}}}}}}

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