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| desc = <!--Description of the upgrade.-->
| reputation = {{currency|reputation|270}}<!--Reputation cost of the upgrade.-->
| cost = {{currency|credits|30}}<!--Cost of the item. This should just apply to ammo.-->
| hull = <!--Hull Front/Side/Rear.-->
| hcomp = <!--Hull material composition.-->
| turret = <!--Turret Front/Side/Rear.-->
| tcomp = <!--Turret material composition.-->
| tmod = <!--Turret modifiers (AP/HE/SC).-->
| ttraverse = <!--Turret traverse speed in degrees per second.-->
| caliber = <!--Caliber in mm.-->
| salvo = <!--Salvo size.-->
| damage = <!--Damage done.-->
| penetration = <!--Penetration in millimeters.-->
| speed = <!--Speed in meters per second.-->
| rate = <!--Rate of fire in rd per minute.-->
| accuracy = <!--Accuracy spread in degrees.-->
| targeting = <!--Targeting time in seconds.-->
| reload = <!--Reload time in seconds.-->
| stock = <!--Stock ammo.-->
| upgrade = <!--Upgrade ammo.-->
| elevation = <!--Max elevation in degrees.-->
| depression = <!--Max cannon depression in degrees.-->
| hp = <!--Hit points.-->
| maxspeed = <!--Max speed in kilometers per hour.-->
| acceleration = <!--Acceleration 0-32km/h in seconds.-->
'''Upgrade name'''  is a tier 2 firepower [[upgrade]]. The previous tier of upgrade is the {{link|V6-M Diesel Engine}}. The next tier of upgrade is the {{link|V6-M Diesel Engine}}.

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This ammo is available for use with the {{link|76.2mm D-56T Rifled Cannon}} and can also be used with the {{link|76.2mm D-56TM Rifled Cannon}}.

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This upgrade comes stock in the following vehicles:
*  [[PT-76]]

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