Battalions are an easy way to coordinate battle plans with friends and platoon up with people you know. Players can work together to accomplish greater goals and earn more rewards.

Battalion Creation

A battalion is Armored Warfare's version of a clan. You can create a battalion by spending 4,000,000 credits or 400 gold. Players can create a battalion by clicking the Battalion button in the garage window. They will need to enter a battalion name, tag, and motto.

Battalion Features

  • A battalion can hold up to 100 players. There is currently no way to increase that limit.
  • The battalion leader can choose out of one of the pre-defined logos for the battalion. This icon will be shown on all battalion member's tanks. It is not currently possible to upload a custom logo. This feature is, however, planned for the future.
  • You can invite players to your platoon directly from the battalion list.
  • When creating a custom match, you can set it to 'Battalion only'. Which means that only your battalion members will be able to see it in the list of custom matches. This makes it easier as you don't have to manually invite all your members.
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