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Battalions are the equivalent of "clans" in other MMORPG - organised groups of players under the same name. Players who belong to a Battalion have battalion short name prefix before their names, and all of their vehicles bear the Battalion logo, usually at the front.

Creation[ | ]

The price of creating a Battalion is either Credits 4,000,000 or Golds 320. The next steps are to decide on a Battalion name, tag (prefix short name), a logo from a pre-defined selection, and a motto. The player who creates a Battalion becomes its leader.

Recruitment[ | ]

A battalion leader or officer can send invitations directly to other players. The leader can also enable recruitment via the Recruitment button on the Battalion window, which can then be activated by leader or officers. After setting up messages, active hours, as well as preferred tiers, modes, and recruitment method, the Battalion's information will become available for other players to search.

Players who are not in a Battalion can look for battalions to join by pressing the search button on the Battalion window. Open Battalions can be entered without any further steps, whereas Private Battalions require a submission for application, which then can be approved or revoked by their leader or officer upon review.

Features[ | ]

Battalion Contract Missions[ | ]

Members within a Battalion gain access to Battalion Contract Missions. Upon the start of a Battalion Contract, the Battalion leader gets to choose which Hades vehicle (Battalion-exclusive premium variant of progression vehicle) to drop as rewards for completing contract missions. By completing missions, Battalion members can help contribute and fill points for the Battalion Contract. Fulfilling a contract in its entirety will award all eligible Battalion members with a special crate, with the leader also earning 100 parts of RST-V Shadow that can be traded to other Battalion members.

Item Trading System[ | ]

Battalion members can trade certain items between each other, including but not limited to Experimental Field Repair Kits, decals, unclaimed vehicle skins, and vehicle parts (RST-V Shadow and Hades vehicles). There are no costs or limits to such trades as long as the players belong to the same Battalion. Items that are received prior to the Item Trading System's implementation are not eligible for trade.

Heroic Special Operation[ | ]

Heroic Special Operation is a special difficulty of Black Sea Incursion. This mode requires at least two players in a platoon to start. The player initiating the missions has to be a Battalion member, but all other participating players in a platoon need not to be in the same Battalion, or belong in a Battalion at all.

Ranked Battle[ | ]

Ranked Battles are ranked PVP matches where two teams of ten players compete on standard maps. This mode is only available for several hours every day, and only vehicles of tiers 9 and 10 may participate. Battalion members can join the queue for ranked matches as solo players or in a platoon up to 10 players. All players from a platoon must be from the same Battalion, and players from one battalion do not face each other in opposing teams.

The outcome of each ranked match can affect all participating players' personal ranking, which determines the Ranked Battle's matchmaking. A battalion ranking is all of the battalion members' rankings combined, which affects the opponent's platoon formation in ranked matches as well as contract mission content and rewards.

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