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An overview of the Base

The Base was a feature introduced to Armored Warfare in August 2015.[1] Its purpose was to provide various passive income bonuses and cost discounts.

The feature was removed from the game in October 2016 with the introduction of a new Garage. Part of the reason for the removal was to shorten loading time upon first entering Garage screen (which then shared the same map with the Base) and exiting matches.[2] Some bonuses were integrated as baseline rewards, and were gradually removed over time until June 2019, when the last 5% Credits income bonus was removed from the game.[3][4]

There are no plans to reintroduce the Base as of February 2021.[5]

Description[ | ]

The Base interface could be accessed by clicking the Base tab on the Garage screen. Initially, only the Garage building was available, but players could spend a special currency called Raw Materials, which could be collected manually on a daily basis, to construct new buildings or upgrade existing ones. Construction and upgrade occurred in real time, which could range from seconds to hours to complete depending on the building's level.

Each building offered its own unique bonuses, which could be further increased via upgrades:

  • Airport - reduced Retrofit costs
  • Helipad - increased Credits earned per battle
  • Academy - increased Commander XP earned per battle
  • Barracks - increased Crew XP earned per battle
  • Command Center - increased Reputation (then known as Global Reputation) earned per battle
  • Garage - reduced vehicle repair cost per battle
  • Recon Post - reduced Premium Time purchase prices in Gold

Other buildings were also planned, but they did not appear in the game:[6]

  • Ammo Depot - reduced Experience (then known as Reputation) cost for purchasing vehicles' Firepower upgrades
  • Armory - reduced Experience cost for purchasing vehicles' Armor upgrades
  • Harbor - increased Raw Materials income

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