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Armored Warfare is a free-to-play online tactical military vehicular combat video game for PC. The game was first developed by Obsidian Entertainment and later by Allods Team.[1] The current developer and publisher is Wishlist Games.[2]

Gameplay[ | ]

Players take control of vehicles from one of the five classes and participate in battles. The game features both player versus environment (5 players against numerous AI-controlled enemies) and player versus player game modes (two teams up to 15 players each opposing each other in a single match), but progression content is not limited to one mode or the other, and players can stick to one game mode to progress should they choose to do so. Gameplay is intended to be fast-paced and action-focused by design.

Playable vehicles range from Tier 1 at the lowest up to Tier 10 at the highest. Players can purchase and upgrade new vehicles with in-game currencies and resources via Dealers in the progression system, who categorize vehicles by characteristics. Premium vehicles, on the other hand, can be purchased with Golds Gold premium currency, with real world currency, or by participating time limited events. There is no limit to the number of vehicles a player can own.

The game also features various vehicle customization options, such as changing a vehicle's camouflage pattern, base paint, skin, or adding external decorations such as decals and flags.

The game server is located in Amsterdam.[3] Players from the CIS region have access to the server and the game market via the Russian portal, whereas players outside the CIS region have access to the same server via the International portal, but the two do not share the same game market.

Other games[ | ]

Chinese Server[ | ]

A Chinese version of Armored Warfare called 装甲战争 is licensed and operated by Khongzhong in Mainland China since July 2017.[4] It is also released on WeGame platform in November 2020.[5] The Chinese version operates independently from the International version of the game with its own server, game market, and other internal features.

Console Versions[ | ]

Armored Warfare is also released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2018.[6][7] Published by, console versions are considered separate games and do not support cross-platform play with each other, or with the PC version. Development for both console versions have stopped.

Armored Warfare: Assault[ | ]

A mobile offshoot called Armored Warfare: Assault was released on Google Play in 2018.[8] The game has closed down by 2021.

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