Armored Fighting Vehicles, or AFVs, are typically stealthy and mobile vehicles commonly armed either with an autocannon or a combination of autocannon and guided missiles.


Defining the Armored Fighting Vehicle group based on real life characteristics is not an easy task. Unlike the relatively clearly defined Main Battle Tanks, “Armored Fighting Vehicle” is a name that can – at least in real life – mean any armored vehicle that’s designed for battle, including tanks. This makes the class name somewhat arbitrary, but so are many real-life vehicle designations. In Armored Warfare, the only classes that are clearly defined based on their real-life role are the Main Battle Tanks and the Self-Propelled Guns (that consist of vehicles designed primarily with indirect fire in mind), while the Light Tanks, Tank Destroyers and Armored Fighting Vehicles are in some cases interchangeable terms.


AFVs are, generally speaking, the lightest vehicles of Armored Warfare, with their weight rarely exceeding 20 tons. Reflecting this, AFVs are the least protected vehicles in the game. Therefore, their safeguard against enemy attack is speed and stealth; AFVs are exceptionally good at staying hidden while seeing the enemy, thanks to their advanced electronics and optics. This gives them the best view range of all classes in the game, allowing them to scout and spot enemy targets for other vehicles on the team to destroy.

Truly mastering the AFV class requires patience, experience, and practice. This means not only solid knowledge of game mechanics, but also careful planning and the ability to read the battlefield. The reward is being a most frustrating experience for enemy vehicles, who will be constantly spotted, picked apart by your team, or driven off with their tail between their legs.

Based on their roles, the AFVs can be further split into Light and Heavy AFVs.

Light AFVs

Light AFVs typically include very light tracked and wheeled vehicles, and generally carry the least amount of firepower for their tier. Light AFVs are hands down the best scouts in the game, whether staying hidden and observing enemy vehicles at distance, or using their high mobility to quickly spot enemies and disappear.  Light AFVs are the ultimate eyes and ears of a team, at the cost of zero protection other than their speed.  Any attacks against the enemy require rapid speed and equally rapid disengagement.

Heavy AFVs

Heavy AFVs lie in their role somewhere between the Light AFVs and Light Tanks, with slightly worse mobility than Light AFVs and generally similar firepower, with Heavy AFVs being slightly more accurate due to their size. While not having much heavier armor, Heavy AFVs have more hitpoints, and can typically carry ERA to protect against HEAT ammunition. While they are still capable of scouting, Heavy AFVs typically don’t receive the same boost to view range while stationary that Light AFVs do, while also being much larger, reducing their camouflage factor and making them more conspicuous. Best used as a hybrid scout/support vehicle, the Heavy AFVs are suitable for those who prefer a more mobile playstyle, flanking around opponents and hitting their vulnerable rears.

Special Ability

Armored Fighting Vehicles can designate a target and keep the targeted vehicle permanently spotted, causing them to take additional damage when hit. This ability can be used to single out the most dangerous opponents on the battlefield, allowing teammates to destroy them.

List of Armored Fighting Vehicles

Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicles

Armoured Personal Carriers / Infantry Fighting Vehicles

BMP Development

BMD Development

Multi-Purpose Vehicles

Light Support Vehicles

French Self-propelled Anti-aircraft Vehicles

American Armored Fighting Vehicle

American Self-propelled Anti-Aircraft Vehicles

Asian Armored Fighting Vehicles

Premium AFVs

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