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CRAB concept art

CRAB concept art

Armored Fighting Vehicles, or AFVs in short, are one of the playable vehicle classes in Armored Warfare.

Gameplay[ | ]

For a full list of playable Armored Fighting Vehicles, see Vehicles § Armored Fighting Vehicles.

By design, Armored Fighting Vehicles are intended to be the scouts in Armored Warfare. They can be wheeled or tracked, and armed with a variety of low to medium caliber weapons, including autocannons, missiles, or even unguided rockets. Although these vehicles are generally the least armored, their camouflage factor and view range are among the best in all classes. In combat, their role often overlaps with Light Tanks and Tank Destroyers as second line fire support, but their unmatched spotting capability gives them an edge in reconnaissance, allowing them to find enemies for teammates to target and destroy.

Armored Fighting Vehicles largely fall into two kinds of categories:

  • Light Armored Fighting Vehicles are small and very mobile, allowing them to move into ideal positions at high speed to spot incoming enemies, or even perform flanking attacks if opportunity arises. Furthermore, many of such vehicles have the Designate Target active ability, which renders an enemy vehicle visible even behind cover and to take increased damage from attacks. However, this category of vehicles have very thin armor (vulnerable even to HE shells) and low health pools, and careless mistakes can lead to a quick demise.
  • Heavy Armored Fighting Vehicles are larger, less mobile, and sometimes have less camouflage than their lighter counterparts, but they are also equipped with heavier weapons for greater offensive power.

Many Armored Fighting Vehicles are also infantry fighting vehicles, hence they can deploy Mechanized Infantry as an active ability. AT Squad and Mortar Squad can provide direct and indirect fire support respectively, whereas Sniper primarily provides additional spotting capability for themselves as well as other teammates.

As of December 2023, Armored Fighting Vehicles do not lose any camouflage when turning or moving below 30km/h. Camouflage loss when traveling above 30km/h or firing weapons vary from vehicle to vehicle. At Tiers 1 to 6, some Armored Fighting Vehicles also have the ability to switch ammunition type quickly when a shell is already loaded instead of having to repeat the whole reloading process all over again.

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