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Alisa Korhonen

Alisa Korhonen is a premium commander in Armored Warfare. She was first available as a reward in Warlords of the Wasteland Battle Path[1]. She returns as a purchasable commander on MY.GAMES Market periodically.

Many of Alisa's skills are related to vehicle movement, such as increased mobility, reduced environmental damage from falling, or reduced accuracy penalty on the move. Furthermore, she can also increase her vehicle's maximum hit points as well as ammunition capacity. For aggressive Main Battle Tank gameplay, Alisa can be configured to deal heavy ramming damage against other vehicles.

Alisa's basic skill allows her to have a set chance to fire a missile with area-of-effect damage on a target enemy from off-map location whenever she successfully damages an enemy vehicle. This probability can be raised further with the Faithful Ally skills.

Skills[ | ]

Skill Field[ | ]

Starting Skill[ | ]

Skill Name Description Quantity
Mysterious Stranger IV Alisa has got a new ally beyond the border of the map. They shoot guided missiles at the vehicles you're dealing damage to. The chance for such shot depends on the damage you're dealing, but doesn't exceed 18.72%...28.80% 1

Other skills[ | ]

Skill Name Description Quantity
Faithful Ally III Chance for the mysterious stranger to fire at your target is increased by 10.8% 4
Field Repair I Repair speed increased by 5.0% 1
Field Repair II Repair speed increased by 8.8% 3
Fire on the Move II Accuracy penalty while on the move is reduced by 6.72% 2
Fire on the Move III Accuracy penalty while on the move is reduced by 10.95% 1
God Foot I Vehicle maximum speed increased by 0.70 km/h, acceleration is increased by 0.70% 2
God Foot II Vehicle maximum speed increased by 1.22 km/h, acceleration is increased by 1.22% 1
Hoarder II Amount of carried ammo is increased by 17.5% 4
Lonely Rover I Crew stats are improved by 0.5%, if there are no friendly vehicles within 25 meters 2
Oxygen supply I Underwater time increased by 5s 4
Resistance II Hit points increased by 5.25% 1
Resistance III Hit points increased by 9% 1
Stealthy Pace I Improves camouflage factor in motion. 1 active skill reduces camouflage penalty twofold. 2 active skills reduces camouflage penalty threefold. 3 active skills reduces camouflage penalty fourfold 3
Steady Hand I Accuracy penalty is reduced by 3.94% 1
Steady Hand II Accuracy penalty is reduced by 6.72% 2
Stuntman I Damage from falling is reduced by 20%. Acceleration is increased by 1% 2
Stuntman II Damage from falling is reduced by 30.75%. Acceleration is increased by 1.75% 1
Tank Rage I Ramming damage increased by 25% 4
Trailblazer I Acceleration in off-road environments improved by 2.5% 3

Personnel File[ | ]

Latakia Breakthrough Alisa Easter Egg

Alisa's cameo appearance in Latakia Breakthrough

Place of Birth: Espoo, Finland

Alisa Korhonen hails from southern Finland. She was born in Espoo (near Helsinki) in a family of a neurosurgeon and followed in her father’s footsteps by becoming doctor. When her father was lost on a humanitarian mission in the Middle East, Alisa enlisted in the ISD and went looking for him, only to have discovered him to be murdered by terrorists. Vowing revenge, she joined local tribes to battle the warlord menace.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Alisa makes a cameo appearance in Latakia Breakthrough, where instead of Clayburn Industries advertisements her portrait with the slogans "REFUSE" and "RESIST" can appear for a brief moment on hijacked holographic advertisement screens, as well as the phrase "RESIST OR DIE TRYING" on billboards periodically.
  • When an enemy is destroyed as a result of Alisa's Mysterious Stranger skill, the kill log shows "Mysterious Stranger ATGM (Alisa Korhonen skill)" as the source.

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