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Alexander Cortez

Alexander Cortez (also spelt Aleksander Cortez) is a premium commander in Armored Warfare. He first was first available as part of purchasable bundles[1] and later returns as a purchasable commander on MY.GAMES Market periodically.

Alexander's main feature is his basic skill, which boosts the chance of dealing maximum damage with his vehicle's ammunition. This rate becomes 100% when his rank is at Colonel (Rank 15) with four adjacent skills of the same name acquired, thereby eliminating the ammunition damage randomization completely. In addition to agility-oriented skills, his other supporting skills help improve module durability or mitigate negative effects from battle damage.

Skills[ | ]

Skill Field[ | ]

Starting Skill[ | ]

Skill Name Description Quantity
Fixed Position IV Chance of dealing max damage increased by 26%...40% 1

Other skills[ | ]

Skill Name Description Quantity
Careful Storage I Ammo rack hit points increased by 12.50% 2
Driving Lessons I Crew stat penalty with injured driver reduced by 20% 3
Fire When Ready I Reload speed is increased by 0.6% 2
Fireproof II Reduces damage caused by fire by 1.3 times 1
Fixed Position I Chance of dealing max damage increased by 15% 4
Gunner Lessons I Crew stat penalty with injured gunner reduced by 20% 3
Infiltrator I Base capture rate increased by 6.3% 3
Iron Heart I Engine hit points are increased by 12.5% 3
Loader Lessons I Crew stat penalty with injured loader reduced by 20% 2
Maxed Out II Repair speed increased by 8.8% 2
Mobility II Increases hull traverse speed by 3.5% 2
Perception II Turret traverse speed increased by 3.5% 2
Potshot I Maximum damage a shell deals is increased and minimum damage decreased by 5% 1
Steel Support I Tread hit points increased by 12.5% 2
Timely Cleanse I Cannon hit points increased by 12.5% 3

Personnel File[ | ]

Place of Birth: Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

Alexander was born into a family of a Russian actress and a Cuban officer. He left home hen he was a teenager and traveled around South America, participating in local conflicts. During his travels, he made loyal friends. Together, they joined mercenaries and created the Black Eagle squad.

Trivia[ | ]

  • On the Russian Server, Alexander Cortez was first available as a reward in the Black Eagle event in 2017, which occurred before the launch of the Global Server in 2018.[2] There was no Western equivalent of the Black Eagle event on North American or European servers at the time, so the commander was sold as part of Black Eagle vehicle bundles there instead.
  • Alexander made appearance in the first two chapters of Black Sea Incursion Special Operations, which depicted the demise of his Black Eagle mercenary squad. He could be seen driving an Object 640 with Black Eagle skin in the first chapter.
  • Alexander was briefly mentioned in the 2017 Storyline Campaign, but he played no role in the story.[3]
  • Alexander's basic skill shares the same English name as Andrey Zaytsev's basic skill, but they have very different functionality. In Russian the skill is called "Мясорубка", which means "Meat Grinder".



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