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Alabino Polygon minimap

Official minimap

Alabino Polygon is a single-player map in Armored Warfare. It is added to the game in October 2016.[1]

Briefing[ | ]

"The training ground allows you to test-run vehicles in non-combat conditions. You can practice driving and firing at vehicles."

Description[ | ]

Players can access the map by selecting a vehicle and click on "Vehicle Testing Area" under the Co-Op Missions tab or the Player vs Player tab on the HQ screen. Alternatively, players can right-click on a vehicle to bring up a context menu and select "Vehicle Testing Area" to enter. The latter method can be used to test drive vehicles that players do not own themselves. Players must not be in a platoon when attempting to enter the Alabino Polygon map.

Multiple vehicles spawn in Alabino Polygon. These vehicles appear as enemies but are not AI-controlled, and players can use them as shooting targets. Ammunition is automatically filled after reloading. As there is no objective or time limit available, players can choose to stay in Alabino Polygon for as long as they like and leave on their own accord.

It is possible for a player to destroy their own vehicle in Alabino Polygon, either by depletion of hit points via collision with other vehicles, or by drowning. When that happens, the player will automatically return to the garage screen upon the vehicle's destruction.

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